Sunday, October 25, 2009

Arthur Escapes!!

Our small town has a brand new "care center". It's big, and very, very nice. Anyway, for many years now the different churches in town or people, take turns doing Sunday morning church services for the elderly living there. October is Arthur's month and he typically does the preaching and takes along whoever he can to play piano, lead singing, or whatever. This is the first complete month for services in the new center. So far, Arthur, Caleb and the girls have been going with him and they have not found their way around the building yet.

Today was interesting!! Arthur went into the new alzheimers wing to see if anyone wanted to come to the service. The door closed behind him and he was locked in. He couldn't find a nurse and every door was shut. He tried a few wrong doors. He tried every exit door he could find and they were all locked except the one going into a courtyard. The sevice was about ready to start so he came up with plan B. He went into the courtyard and climbed over the six foot fence and ran around the building to get back to the chapel. He admitted it was a little strange being locked in an alzheimers ward with no people around. Anyway, he will be teased for a long time about being a care center escapee! Arthur said it should be a warning to anyone who ever tries to put him in the care center!

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