Monday, November 23, 2009

Count Your Blessings - Monday

Hello from Naomi - I know I haven't posted in a while, but this week I hope to write a few times. We thought, since it's Thanksgiving week, that it would be fun to put on a few things each day that we're thankful for. Several years, Mom and Dad made us kids make a list of those things and I like to do it on my own now - just as a reminder. God is so good!

This of course is David :) We're very glad that God has given our family a new little baby to add to our list of blessings, an heritage from the Lord.
We're thankful that God kept us all safe during hunting season and sent some deer to us - Isaac and Dad are great hunters, but good hunters or not, God controls the deer! Today, Dad, along with Jonathan J. and a few of the cousins processed them.
The picture above is just a picture I found in our files that I thought would work to represent our church! We're so thankful for our church! It's such an encouragement to have fellowship with God's people, to hear God's Word preached and taught, and to sing to the Lord. You could say that it's not just the church that we go to, it's our family! I'm so grateful for the chance I've had to grow up in a church where people loved me and where I learned to love the Lord, and where I could learn to serve.
Then there's Aaron! He's so wonderful! Talk about blessings! (By the way, these items are not all in order of importance...)
Also, I'm very grateful for the BEAUTIFUL fall that we had! We had sort of a cold, wet spring, and so God had mercy and gave us one of the nicest falls we've had for many years....It's supposed to start getting cold now, but we can't complain!
So hopefully tomorrow, we'll list a few more things!


  1. I happen to come across your blog and just wanted to say that you have a nice looking farm and family. If more people like you lived in Minn., maybe there wouldn't be such evil leaders elected. We also have a evil leader problem here in California. Sad to say, it has spread through out the land. Maybe God will have mercy on us and raise up some righteous leaders. God Bless You

  2. Wow, that is a great thing to do...list things every day this week that you are thankful for. Thank you for the post, it made me think more of how I should be thankful!!:)



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