Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carolling, Krumkaka, Snowflakes, Sunrises, and Daniel :)

On Sunday after church, a bunch of the people from church went carolling. We do this every year and pass out Christmas cookie boxes to the widowers in the area and fruit baskets to the widows. I didn't go but they had a good time, the weather was nice, and they also went through the new Senior Living Center in town.
Carolling is always one of my kids highlights of Christmas.

Silas and Micah J. at church. For those of you back in PA, he's sure grown hasn't he?!

Emily H. came over one day this week to try out some hairstyles for the wedding. She did a really nice job and the girls will look fabulous!

Arthur and Silas both took lots of pictures of the gorgeous sunrise this morning. The calm before the storm? We'll see. I think we might be north of the worst of the snow.

Naomi is making her own wedding cake and has been experimenting with making snowflakes as decorations. Naomi has been very busy as you can imagine. One thing her and Aaron have been working on is a blog that will be made public after the wedding. You'll enjoy it!

Miriam and Hosanna made Krumkaka yesterday. Priscilla actually made the dough and Krumkaka actually means, crumb cake. You put the dough in the round "thingy" on the stove and halfway through cooking you flip it over.
Then Hosanna wrapped them around a cone shaped dowel.

And you end up with some really good tasting krumkaka. Some kind of Swedish Christmas cookie. Someone mentioned to me this week that I wasn't Swedish, and neither were our families so why were we making lefse, and now krumkaka. It's because Arthur's grandpa was Swedish and that part of his heritage was passed on. Other than that we have mostly a German background. And Actually, we're Americans!

Miriam introduced Daniel to Rosa yesterday. At first he just stared at her. Then he played 'roll the ball back and forth' with her. She read him a book. And finally he touched her hair, eyes, and proceeded to ignore her. It was quite entertaining! But then, Daniel is always entertaining!


  1. That was so interesting! I love the snowflakes! My grandma-in-law used to make cakes. She was awesome with the decorations and it never ceased to amaze me how she could re-create flowers and other natural wonders on a cake! Also interesting about the Norwegian ancestry and pastry. Being a knitter, I'd love to try making a traditional Norwegian sweater sometime!

  2. For those of you that read this earlier today, I made a big mistake! Yes, I corrected it, thanks to a phone call about our heritage! Thanks, Dad!

  3. I enjoyed reading this post so much! You're always doing so many interesting things...

    I can hardly wait to see how the wedding cake turns out, Naomi!!! I've only made 1 wedding cake so far, and by the time I was done, my wrists were so very tired! My brothers ended up helping me do some of the Cornelli lace...

    We have 4 puppets at our house and enjoy showing them to little children too! I think ours were made by the same company as yours was, as the shoes and the head look very similar in design. :)

    Happy holidays and stay warm in this wintery weather!


  4. Wow, Mr. M. is getting big! Thanks for posting pictures! :)

    Merry Christmas from the Cooks!


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