Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Interesting

I was looking online to see how the Duggar's 19th baby was doing (born very early and was 1 lb. 6 oz. -or something like that) and found this article. No wonder the "world" is afraid of big families!! Think of the impact just one family could have!! Here's what I found and it's a little out of date and in their words:

"The Duggar family of TLC fame just announced that they are expecting their first grandchild. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 18 children ranging from 0 to 21 years old. Their eldest, Josh, was married in September and will welcome the littlest member of the brood just one month after his first anniversary.
The Duggars live in northwest Arkansas and can be seen on TLC's hit "18 Kids and Counting." Michelle Duggar gave birth in December to their youngest child, Jordyn-Grace, and as the title of their show suggests, it may not be her last. Assuming they do stop at 18, and assuming each of their kids have the same amount of children (which are both big 'ifs') how long until those with Dugger blood outsize the population of America's smallest state?
After the next generation of Duggars breeds at this rate, there will be 324 members of the clan (not counting the husbands and wives that married in). The third generation will have 5,832 members, the fourth will have 104,976, and the fifth will have 1,889,568...almost three times the population of Vermont. This would mean...
There would be one Duggar for every two square miles of America.
If all the Duggars earned the average American salary, they would collect $85 billion a year before taxes, enough to bailout AIG.
There would be more Duggars than Muslims in America.
In one more generation...
There would be almost as many Duggars in America as African Americans.
Duggars would outnumber lawyers 42 to 1.
There would be more Duggars than Canadians.
Of course it would take the Duggar family at least 200-300 years to breed this much, and the number of African Americans, Muslims, and lawyers could also grow. These statistics require an amazing amount of hypotheticals, they are just meant to give you an idea of how fast a family can expand when they start having kids young and keep going!"


  1. WOW!! We need more families like that...oh wait. We have ours. ;)

  2. Whhhooooaaa that is really funny!! And like WOW. How is the the baby by the way? I can't believe the Duggars have NINETEEN's almost unbelievable!!:D

  3. gee where did you get this info, maybe we should make one on us LOL
    Can wait to see ya tonight.. Praying for you all.


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