Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's That Time of Year...

When the guys go ice fishing. Isaac caught this nice 37" northern today - it was in the slot limit so it had to be put back down the hole.
Silas got some gorgeous scenery pictures on the lake.
God's awesome creation is everywhere we look!
And the frost is about an inch high. That's suppose to mean something but I can't remember what - some old weather saying.
Look at the snow sparkling.
Almost looks like a sand dune in the Sahara or something.
Caleb J. got a nice walleye.
One of the plowed roads on the lake. Looks to me like a person would get stuck out there! I guess there's about 18" of ice according to Isaac.
Johnathan J. went trapping with Isaac. Here he's baiting a trap.
But first they had to dig in the fresh snow and find the trap. Arthur did an object lesson for VBS one year with a trap explaining how sin can look so harmless, even very tempting, and how Satan uses things to trap us, and then he stuck a stick in a big bear trap letting off this huge snap and everybody jumped. sticking close to God is the only way to avoid those hidden and sometimes obvious traps that Satan sets and baits for us.
Isaac says trapping is good exercise - looks like it too!
Nathan, Caleb, and Jonathan J. - thought those of you out east in PA would like to see them all bundled up to keep warm. This was taken before the big Christmas snow.
Arthur drilling holes. No extensions on the auger yet!
And back to Christmas - Priscilla made a cute gingerbread house with a kit Silas gave her.
We got together with my side of the family for gifts, fellowship, food, and games. This is Priscilla's new Apples to Apples game.
The grandaughters each got a nice birthstone necklace among other things. My dad also made a cute Illinois shaped wooden box for Rebekah and Tennessee box for Aaron.
Aaron and Naomi look cute in their new John Deere hats don't they?! Aaron bought them. Naomi says it's only 10 more days!


  1. Wow! Tell Silas that those were some amazingly beautiful scenery pictures! He won't be too upset with me if I put them on my computer desktop for everyone to enjoy, will he? He's got a great eye for photography, that's for sure.

    I bet Naomi's getting excited. I hope she has a great wedding!

    Blessings, Brittany

  2. 10 more days.....AAAHHHH!! I feel like I'm the one getting married!! :) I am SOOOOO excited!!! They look very cute in their hats. ;) Apples to Apples is a fun game, but it would be tougher with so many people! Oh, and tell Silas his photography is gorgeous!!! I especially love that first one...amazing. He should go into photography!! :) See you all SOON!!!

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  4. Whoa! Nice photography Silas! See you all soon.

  5. Yes, Rachel, we are getting really, really, really excited too! Yes, Brit you can use one for a desktop photo :) He'd love that! Oh, Apples to Apples is way more fun with a large group, Rachel!

  6. Oh my, those pictures of the lake are absolutely STUNNING!!! WOW.
    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!! :)

    P.S. I so wish we could go to Naomi's wedding!! :) :)

  7. Great pictures Silas!! Nice fish Isaac. We are so excited about coming up, Lord willing. Next week at this time, which is 5:23p.m., Wed., we will be on the road heading north!! BRRRRRR!! Looking forward to seeing everyone!


  8. Love the snow images! You have a great photgrapher! I need to take some leave and visit ya before it all melts! I haven seen/been in the snow for 3 - 4 years now, and really miss it a lot! So do my children...

    Love the John Deer hat's tpp! I have a brother-n-law who wrks for that company!

  9. What beautiful pictures Silas took. He is really talented!

    Wow...Caleb is getting SO tall!

    Blessings to you all!

  10. Thanks for the trap idea for teaching the children! I read this and Wednesday dug through the old pump house and got me a few of my old traps and brought them to class that evening. Used to trap allot so it was easy to explain as you wrote about satan baiting abd setting traps for us. Again thanks!

  11. Looks like the weather is going to be good, Shelly, for your trip up here! Yes, Dan, you and your family are welcome to come up anytime! Glad you could use the illustration with the trap!


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