Monday, December 7, 2009

Shipping Calves...Christmas Baking...ETC

This is kind of a catch-up post! Shipping the bull calves and a few cull cows went good and the prices were not too bad. We only have like 60 days or so to ship cows after TB testing them so it was nice to have that done for another year. And yes, we finally got some snow on December 1st - seven inches of the fluffy stuff. I think it was the nicest fall I ever remember and no snow on the ground till December 1st is almost unheard of. Well, we got some snow back in October but it didn't last long. This stuff will be here till Priscilla's birthday. (No, our cows don't all have horns!)

Miriam doesn't only eat raw chicken legs, she eats fingers as well!! Actually, Silas was making pappenait (I'm sure that's not the correct spelling but it's a German word so I spell it only by sound). He had just too much dough on his fingers before washing them so Miriam helped him out.
Naomi and Aaron are making lefse this evening. We're breaking Aaron into our traditions this Christmas! So far he's been a good sport and even tolerates Silas and Priscilla's teasing and jokes.
Miriam helped me paint the stair walls the same color as our living room. I added a little texture to hide some cracks in the old walls and was pretty pleased.

We had our church ladies Christmas tea this Saturday. My sister-in-law Linda made the delicious lunch and gave a great devotional on the gifts God has given us.

The girls around Priscilla's age sang.

Okay, last year on lefse making day we posted a lefse poem. This year we thought we'd tell you a few Ole, Sven, and Lena jokes. (Very popular jokes among Scandanavians.)

Sven and Ole got a job putting in telephone poles. At the end of the day the foreman asked them, "How many poles did you put in?"
"Two." Said Ole
"Only two?"asked the foreman, "The other men all put in seven or eight."
"Yah," said Ole, "But did you see how much dey left sticking out?"

Lena had just bought a new cell phone and called Ole. "Hi dere, Ole. Guess what? I'm talkin to you while I'm driving down the interstate."
Ole said, "Uffda, Lena, yous better be careful. I yust saw on de news dat dere's one idiot drivin da wrong way down da interstate."
"What do you mean one idiot?" Lena said, "Dere must be a hundred idiots goin da wrong way."

Ole says, "Offda is when you drop a bag of garbage. Ishda is when you have to pick it up."
The first thing to go is da memory. Da second ting is da... da.. what was I talking about?

Sven and Ole were shingling a roof when Sven noticed Ole throwing about half of the nails down on da ground. Sven asked, "Vhy are yous thowing all dose nails down on da ground?"
"Vell," said Ole, "Dey all got heads on da wrong end.
Sven replied, "Dose nails are for da udder side of da roof!"

Have a happy evening! Proverbs 15:13 A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance..."


  1. ha ha lol very funny JPP

  2. Cute post. I enjoyed the baking scenes and learning about cultural stuff! Lots of Pennsylvania Dutch around our area! What is lefse? I think I heard my neighbor lady (Swedish) talk about it. Is it a flat bread?

  3. Lefsa is kinda like a potatoe tortilla. Only you usually put sweet things in it, most commonly butter and sugar and roll it up to eat it. Some people put jam in it or we like cinnamon and sugar with the butter. Very delicious!

  4. Sounds wonderful! I also loved the scene of the church tea! Thanks for the explanation of lefse!

  5. Thanks for the comment, Naomi and Aaron...I think though that you think that Jonathan is related to the Raub Family, but he is related to Courtney on Courtney's Contemplations! Keep us in your prayers!

  6. OK - sorry about that :) Still excited for you!

  7. I love the picture of Aaron & Naomi in the kitchen!!! You all must be getting so excited as the big day draws near... :)

    Praying for all to go well~


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