Saturday, January 16, 2010

Company Fun...

Well all the company that came up for Naomi's wedding is gone with the P. family leaving this morning. Here's a little of what we did. Chess, and more chess, and more chess. What a wonderful spectator sport ;)
Mini golf at the blacklight mini golf place in town.

Don't you just love what blacklight does to what you wear?

James and Miriam. Hosanna and Arthur tied for first place.

Miriam holding sweet, little, cuddly David.

Cute little Daniel after he just woke up with his handsome dad, Amos.

Priscilla playing goalie.

Jordan and Hosanna in the goalie. I'm told she's really good.

James, Mrs. P., Jordan, and Ben. Just sitting around while we visit. I think they look sad about leaving!!

The guys went fishing and James had to eat some snow.

Pile on! Just about everyone went to Bemis Hill for sledding.

Watch out, Silas! Yes, he fell!

Two of the younger J. children. The weather was gorgeous all week.

It's not so bad going down but walking all the way up gets really tiring. The picture doesn't do it justice but it's a long ways down there!

Jordan and Hosanna helping Joanna, Rebekah's little sister.
Pray for everyone as they travel home today, including the honeymooners! Oh, P. family, we have a real interesting blog treat for you on Monday!


  1. Thank you Krahn's for another WONDERFUL time!!!!! We LOVED our time up there, as usual. :) We all hated to leave. Thank you for your prayers we made it home safe.

    Peck Family

  2. Looks like so much fun. Big families have fun in whatever they do:D

    Ms. Elsie

  3. Did Miriam get glasses??? I noticed she looked a little different!!! Looked like you had fun sledding! Wev'e only went once this year, but that is partly because the most snow wev'e had is like 6"!!! ;)

  4. Miriam has had glasses for about a year now. She had to get them in order to get her driver's license!

  5. Oh, Mrs. Krahn! PLEASE don't keep us in suspense! What is the interesting post? We are all dying to know!



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