Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Wedding

I had some more pictures given to me so I thought I'd post a few more pictures. This one shows Naomi holding a Hershey's Kiss. A few of them were hid all over the church and if you brought one to the wedding couple, they would kiss. Only one problem, word leaked out and two other people brought bags of kisses! It was so funny! After awhile Naomi finally caught on and said, "I only hid silver kisses, this one is red!" With a small church and a lot of people, we had nine different food stations set up all over the church so people just went all over, it worked really good and we were prepared for more than actually came.

We had a program as part of the reception which is something very popular in Canada, and having Canadian relatives, we had one as well. There were a few speeches, with fun stories about the couple. Priscilla and a few of her cousins sang a song about Naomi and Aaron written to the Davy Crocket tune. It was hilarious! If I can get a video clip of it we'll post it sometime. Aaron's brother was the Master of Ceremonies and did a great job. Here Naomi and Aaron are closing the program with thanks for those that helped.

Amos was really funny with the things he shared about both Aaron and Naomi. He also shared their story of how they met, got betrothed, etc. Naomi also threw the boquet as part of the program. All the girls 15 and older crowded in the front, and there were lots of them, and a 14 year old girl caught it!

Eating the cake. When Naomi was studying wedding customs, she found that in some culture somewhere, they actually break the cake over the brides head!

After the bridal party and parents / grandparents walked out, we showed a six minute slide show while Benjamin played piano. Not only was it a great slideshow but it gave the family time to "recover" and regroup for the receiving line. I'm not sure I've ever seen Naomi so happy! The couple was so fun to watch!

Lighting the candles. No, her veil didn't start on fire! Aaron blew the candle out for her.

My neice and nephew checking out the rings on the pillow. They did such a good job!

Well, now that the wedding is over, Rebekah's family and the P. family from Illinois stayed up here for the week. We haven't taken a lot of pictures but we'll post some when we have time. Thanks for all you nice comments about the wedding! Naomi did pretty much all the planning herself - her final test she told me! I would say she passed with flying colors!


  1. What wonderful pictures! They look so happy and the wedding looked beautiful! Many prayers and blessings for the couple!

    ~Elisabeth and the rest of the Cook family

  2. Oh, more gorgeous pictures!! It looks like the wedding was stunningly beautiful!!

  3. So, do YOU knw where they are going for the Honeymoon????

  4. I sure do, Sj! It was a secret but Aaron told me right before the wedding. Naomi didn't know though! I'll let her share about it when they get back.


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