Saturday, January 30, 2010

So What's Arthur Up To?

We thought we would follow Arthur around, yesterday, to give you a taste of a day in his life. First he got up, had his quiet time with God, worked a little on his taxes. Had a large breakfast of some great oatmeal. The guys took care of milking the cows.
After breakfast he went out in the cold and welded a number of bale rings for the beef cows.
After fixing them he took a good while feeding all the cows, and the horses.
Then we caught him fixing a chainsaw. In fact, he spends lots of time fixing things like every other farmer. Even the farmers who buy the fancy equipment spend their share of time fixing, and fixing. And tuning up. He also cleaned barn, and then we got too busy to follow him around any more! But I know he keeps busy!
Meanwhile, Silas is working on the Geosafari machine, a much easier way to drill yourself on countries around the world for geography than paper and ink or even computer. And much more fun. Our kids have used this for years and it's one of our favorite homeschool "toys".
Can you guess what this is? Well, Caleb's been helping my father-in-law fix a tractor. REALLY fixing a tractor!! The piece that needed replacing was way in the middle of the tractor and could only be replaced with the entire thing taken apart. Hope they remember what goes back where!
Miriam's been working on a small quilt.
And we've been working hard to keep the house toasty warm. So, we hope your Sunday is good tomorrow and that your heart will be open to the things God has for you to learn.

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  1. I would not be able to remember what went where on that tractor!!!


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