Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a Boy!

The J. family kids came over yesterday while their mom was in labor. Sometime last night she had a boy, Robert Aaron, 7# 13 oz., and 21 inches long. The midwife didn't make it so Mr. J. was the doctor and did a great job. Mom and baby are fine. Congratulations!!! The kids had fun sledding on our little hill in the yard.
Hosanna read Jenna a whole pile of books.

The guys sat and watched Isaac work on car parts - the J. family's car. Once again, I hope he remembers where all those pieces go!

Last night the guys all went to a Warroad / Roseau hockey game. We lost but they had a good time anyway.
We're the black and gold. Even with a basketball game going on at the same time, the arena was packed.
Whatever did parents do before legos came out?! You can entertain a crowd of children for a long time!
Priscilla and Jessica made some peanut butter cookies.
And yesterday Arthur went out and took a few more cow pictures for his records. I love cow pictures! So, that's it for now. The older kids all went out skating and I thought I'd get this off quick so those of you back in Pennsylvania can hear about the new baby and some pics of your friends. Have a great day everyone!


  1. We have been praying for you, Pam. We are soooooooooo excited and look forward to meeting him sometime. Until then we look forward to some pics. Thanks Camille for letting us know so quickly. Jill

  2. Sorry you lost the Hockey game. I remember Arthur being involved with ice hockey. I had an interest in it too because of that. I took ice hockey P.E. when attending Burnsville Braves (I know Burnsville changed it's mascot, sadly). Those were some great days on the ice! I miss it. No ice in Florida (sadly)... And was sad to see the Northstars move away from Minnesota.
    Glad you still enjoyed your game.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this so quickly! We are friends of the J's from PA and so enjoy seeing the updates, not only of their family, but of yours too :)

  4. YAY for the the new baby! We are so excited and happy for everyone!

    It's odd for me, this is the first J. baby since Jess I was not "on call" for. :-) For some of them I was the one who told the kids in the morning who their new sibling was...now I was one of the last to know! :-D Why does MN have to be so far away? ;-)

    We are very happy and are praying for everyone. Thank you for posting and for posting pictures of the kids. It's great to see how they are all growing...and fast too!


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