Thursday, February 18, 2010

Farm Meeting...

This is a 3-generation farm meeting!  Not sure Daniel had a whole lot of input but he was there none-the-less.  Arthur and his dad have been studying fields and crops to figure out what to grow where this upcoming summer and Amos was helping Arthur out on delegating farm duties.  It's a good thing we try to take only one day at a time because when you look ahead at all that has to happen this year it makes a person really tired!  The dairy cows are starting to calve which gives whoever's on chores a little more work.  Those newborn calves are sometimes really poor at learning to drink!  At the same time we're going over the maze business and trying to figure out what things to change, what things to add, where the money is coming from, how to advertise, and all that kind of stuff.  Then Aaron came over the other day with seed catalogs in his hand wondering what we were going to plant in our garden.  Ahh!  I'm so glad there's still snow on the ground!!!  In fact, I don't thinnk I've enjoyed a winter as much as this one for a long time!

Today Hosanna and Priscilla went over to an older lady's house from our church and worked on a missionary sewing project.  Meanwhile, Miriam helped me at our church go through library books, find out which ones have "disappeared", put them in the right order, fix damaged ones, etc.  Caleb helped put the "very pulled apart" tractor together, Arthur worked on our taxes, Isaac was at his job, and Silas, well, I'm not sure what Silas did after he was done with school since I was gone.  Tonight they all went to play hockey.  So that concludes another day and a brief look at the coming summer.  Again, I'm so glad it's still winter!!  Isn't God good to give us seasons of rest, or at least less work!  A time to catch up!   And more important, a time to reflect on how God has blessed in the past year and pray for his blessing and wisdom in planning for the upcoming season.


  1. Oh I agree, I am so glad it's winter right now... :) I don't know what I'm going to do this summer...I didn't garden at all last summer since I was going to be hugely pregnant when most of the work needed to be done and I wasn't sure if I would be up to doing it, but it might be kinda fun to play in the dirt with Kaleigh this We'll see. :) Are Aaron and Naomi planting stuff in your garden too, or are they planning their own?

  2. Aaron plowed up a large area for a garden last summer and put a pickup load of fertilizer (guess what kind!) on it. Of all the girls Naomi was probably the one that disliked gardening the most even though she would nicely do it when asked. Good thing Aaron loves it so she'll have help!


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