Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This and That...

Caleb working on some finish trim for the girls room. Wow, he's done a great job with the carpet. Thanks, Caleb!
Ah, do we really want to claim this guy as a relative? (I believe he wanted this posted!)

I downloaded some of the pictures off Miriam's camera and found a couple of neat fishing ones. Here Isaac is fishing with the J. guys and you can see fish houses in the background. Right now there are parts of the lake that look like small villages minus trees.

I thought this was a nice "reflective" picture of Isaac.
Last night Naomi and Aaron had us all over for a nice southern supper. Cornbread, fried chicken, and all the trimmings including homeade rhubarb pie from rhubarb Aaron and Naomi froze from my garden for their freezer last summer. Thanks, Naomi, it was very good! Aaron loves those southern favorites! We also got to see some of the fixing up they've been doing and where they put this wedding gift or that gift. Fun!
Well, I have a few projects to work on this afternoon so I better get going. Have a great day everyone basking in God's great love and mercy and compassion!


  1. LOL, that pic of Reuben is HILARIOUS!!! :) I'm jealous...I wanna see Naomi and Aaron's house......I still have a hard time thinking of them as actually married! :)

  2. I love southern cooking! Your descriptionof the dinner made me hungry!


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