Thursday, February 25, 2010

In the Barn

Miriam went out to the barn to visit some of the calves. Silas put the coat on him.
I think this one should be named Sweetheart. No, there's nothing wrong with his leg, they just curl up like that when they're resting.
New calves are just so sweet. Maybe a little dumb when it comes to learning to drink out of a bucket though. For the most part the guys help Amos do the most of the milking and feeding calves but the girls take their turns as well at least twice a week so they can keep up on what's going on. So, that's life on the farm for today. Be sure to count your blessings from God!


  1. Sweetheart for sure since she has a heart on her head

  2. Oh, I LOVE calves!! Those ones are all so cute! :)

  3. awwww, those calves are SO cute!!!!!!!

  4. Hey - great idea for calf jackets! A few $$ at Good Will, a little fixin' up and Ta-Da!!! Better than spending $35-$40 for one.....


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