Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's a Purse, and Daniel, and David!

Purse first. I've been trying to think of creative things to do for a VBS craft that doesn't cost much. Well, this cute little purse made out of an old pair of jeans would be just perfect for the girls but I can't think of anything for the boys. Anyone got an idea? I actually glued this one because I thought it would be easier for the girls and now that the tacky glue has dried, I am sure it would handle lots of stuffing and pulling by the girls. A person could also paint on them, glue sunflowers or something, beads, anything. So if you know a little girl, this is really, really easy! There's actually a jean pocket on both sides so there are three pockets inside the purse. Velcro would be great on one pocket for sure.
Last night Amos and Rebekah went out for supper so we watched the boys. Daniel is really starting to get into books. He sure can "talk" about the pictures even though we have no idea what he's saying.

Caleb and Isaac were a big help. Caleb read lots to Daniel, and Isaac rocked, "Want my mama!", David. My how fast these little guys grow up. Reminds me of new christians and how fast some of them grow. May we always be eager for God's Word like Daniel is eager to look at books and may we always be eager to spend time with God like David is eager to be with Rebekah. Have a great day and Lord's Day tomorrow!


  1. You could have the boys make tool belts by gluing a jeans pocket onto a belt of some sort. It could close with velcro or be tied. The purse looks like a fun craft. I'm sure the girls will love it!

  2. You culd use the Upper legs of the jeans to make back packs. Just simple ones: a draw string pouch that has 2 straps on the bottom and top corners.

  3. You could have the guys make a simple wallet out of some of the material & pockets from old jeans...

  4. I love your idea of a purse! Its very cute!

  5. Thanks for the great ideas!I might test a few of them out and see what I like best.


    I used an old pair of jeans to make a case for my scoped pistol. Cut the legs off and sew them shut. After stuffing with old T-shirts, sew the waist shut. Fold it over so the zipper is on the outside and use adhesive backed Velcro to hold the case shut. Place Velcro on the front pockets as well to secure extra ammo and clips. You will also either need someone who can sew better than I can or a bunch of needles!


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