Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday, Priscilla!!

Happy 13th Birthday, Priscilla!!
Priscilla means, "Ancient one, oldfashioned."
Hope you have a wonderful day, Priscilla!  You bring so much joy and laughter to our house and we appreciate your sweet smile.  May you have a long life serving God and be oldfashioned in your faith.  We love you!
A couple weeks back Isaac, Caleb, Silas and Priscilla entered a fishing tournament.  Here's Isaac fishing hard. 
Caleb fishing hard.
And Priscilla fishing hard.  Silas won $20 for catching the 3rd largest northern and Isaac won $20 for catching the only perch.  
Just in the last couple of days the snow has really, really started disappearing!  This is the Bulldog River by our house that's usually a little itty bitty creek that dries up some years.  This time of year though it's fun to watch all  the water.
Priscilla has some of her friends here today for her birthday.  First they went skating bright and early, played some Masterpiece.
And some rounds of Balderdash.  Silas does look a little out of place doesn't he?  But who can resist Balderdash!
Last week Isaac felt he needed one last day of ice fishing.  See the water splashing up as he drove out?  Little scary isn't it.
Here's some more water splashing along the vehicle.  Actually there were a lot of people out.  It was the last day for fishhouses so they were disappearing too.
But not to worry - the ice is still two feet deep under the water.  I don't think you'll get me out there!! 
Isaac enjoys slush as you can see.  Guess the fishing is best this time of year but they didn't catch too many.


  1. Happy Birthday Cuz!!!! :) I hope you have a GREAT day!!! We love you LOTS. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Priscilla!!!!
    We love your fun spirit and joyful smile! May you continue to grow in the Lord in this new year of life and may He heap you with His blessings!

    The Peck Family

  3. Happy Birthday Priscilla!

    Now that is a little scary about the ice fishing- I would be SO worried!


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