Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hosanna!

Happy Birthday, Hosanna!
Actually Hosanna's birthday is tomorrow but since I had time today I thought I'd post it.  She will be 17!  Wow does time fly!  Hosanna means, "Praise the Lord!"  Her middle name, Joy, means "Joy!".  Our prayer for Hosanna is that she will always joyfully praise the Lord throughout her life. 

Hosanna graduates this year so these are a couple of her senior pictures. 
Hosanna is such a blessing to us!  Throughout the day we enjoy her piano playing and the meticulous housework she does.  School is pretty easy for her and she has gorgeous handwriting.
The other day we were looking at her baby album and found a couple of things she said or did when she was young:

"One day when Hosanna was four she received a large sum of money.  Arthur suggested she donate some to our van fund.  With a teary look in her eyes she said, "But I need to buy a wedding dress.  Someday I'll need it!"

"When I grow up I'm going to make my kids work and eat mushrooms and onions."

"Did Grandma Ortmann live in the Old Testament?"

She came crying to mom one day saying Isaac had pulled the tail off her doll.  It had a hole in the back and a certain brother teased her saying he had pulled off the dolls tail.

We had a rummage sale when she was four.  She suggested that we could sell Naomi for three dollars!! At five year of age she said we couldn't sell her because we wouldn't have enough money to buy her back.

Ah, the cute things children say!  We love you, Hosanna, and pray that you have a wonderful birthday full of God's blessings!

We never did make it to the homeschool convention like we wanted.  Arthur participated in a hockey tournament instead.  Oh well, wish we could've seen some of you there!


  1. Happy birthday tomorrow, Hosanna!

  2. Happy Birthday Hosanna!!!!!!!!!! We pray the Lord's richest blessings be upon your life.
    The Pecks

  3. Happy Birthday Hosanna!!!!!!!!
    We pray for the Lord's richest blessing upon your life.
    Love, The Pecks

  4. Sorry I don't know why it printed twice - Double the Blessing:> My children are at convention and I don't know how to take off mistakes.jep

  5. Happy Birthday! The baby memories are adorable. I love the "Does Grandma live in the Old Testament" Priceless!


  6. Happy Birthday Hosanna!!! I hope you have an amazing day...may God bless you in ways you could never imagine!!!!

    Love you!

  7. Hope you had a very special day, Hosanna!

    Camille, I left a note for you on my blog. Check out Jonathan's new blog at . He talks about the breed of chickens he likes. Did I miss you last weekend?


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