Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just a Short Note...

Official fishing for suckers doesn't start till May 1st which is too late some years, like this one.  You can, however, catch them by hand!  The J. and M. family and a few of ours have been enjoying this form of fishing despite the water still being a little cold.  A few people go downriver and chase the fish toward those doing the catching.  My, did they ever come home wet and happy!!
Miriam and little David. 
Daniel learning about bubbles that Hosanna was blowing.  At first he seemed a little scared but it didn't take long for him to learn how fun it was to pop them.

I was going to post some recital pictures from Naomi's recital but misplaced that camera.  She has a post on her blog if anyone wants to see it and it went really good.  God must really enjoy listening to young people playing hymns and spiritual songs as much as we enjoy them.

Have a great day with God!


  1. Aww! That is an adorable picture of Daniel! Gotta love the face!

    - Jen

  2. Ah it looks like they had a blast. My oldest son would love it!

    God Bless


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