Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tournament, Beavers, Hockey, and Hearts

Yesterday we had our Homeschool Tournament Day.  It went really good and I think everyone had a good time and hopefully learned something.  Here's a few girls that entered checkers.
Arthur is helping some girls with artistic painting - in other words, you got your paint and brush and then had to paint your picture with the paintbrush in your mouth!  Amazing how good some of them did. 
Isaac, Jonathan, Nathan, Caleb and Silas out beaver trapping.  Kinda neat picture.
And here's the evidence of beaver.  God sure did make the beaver industrious didn't He?  They do a lot of damage, but it's fun to look at the evidence.
I should've blown this picture up first.  It's a porcupine in the tree.  If you click on the picture twice it should enlarge it so you can see it better.
And beaver house.  Again, amazing!  You always see it as a pile of sticks in pictures but there's actually a lot of dirt in it as well.  Someday Isaac wants to go underwater and crawl up into one!
Silas thought I should document what is probably the last time they'll go skating this year.  Nathan, Caleb and Jessica minus Karen who Silas couldn't get to pose!  Those of you out east would be amazed at how tall Caleb and Jessica have gotten since they moved out here!
Nathan, Caleb and Silas.
Cool ice shot.
Caleb?  Nathan?  Are you guys okay?
Sorry these are out of order.  With the updated way of putting these pictures on I still have a hard time rearranging them.  These are a few of the many that signed up to do chess.  Amos and Rebekah headed the chess and checkers up after driving all night home from IL.  Thanks, you two!

We had a total of 18 events and one of them was putting a large United States puzzle together in teams. 

Today Arthur is at our District Republican Convention.  Isaac, Silas, and Priscilla went to a Tea Party.  Then Isaac came home and accidentally stabbed himself in the arm while getting ready to skin a beaver.  It looked pretty bad but after it was all cleaned up it wasn't too bad.  Please pray that it heals nicely and doesn't get infection or something.

Last night we watched the movie, "A Nation Adrift" to preview it for the church library.  It did a good job going from before we became a nation founded on God's principles, and hit on the highlights of our country's history. As you got further into the movie they showed things that happened leading our country to the state it's in today.  Parts we fastforwarded because frankly seeing abortions and same sex couples turns our stomachs! 

Many people think the solution is to get believers involved in government, and that is certainly needed, but even more so, the hearts of American's need to be turned to God.  If the congress and White House was full of conservative Bible believing people, it wouldn't last long because the hearts of the people really don't want what's right, at least the majority don't.  It took the liberals years to change our country and it can't be changed back unless people get saved.  We need a revival.  We talked about it as a family, about just what it takes to get a revival going with the masses, and I'm afraid we didn't come up with any spectacular ideas.  We did decide that we should each continue to do what we can.  We can not afford to sit back.  There are pockets of change in the air but there also needs to be changes in the hearts. 

May you have a great day of worship tomorrow! 


  1. Your homeschool tournament looks like so much fun!

  2. How neat! I posted a picture of a porcupine in a tree back in Oct. on my blog! Also I hope to attend a Tea Party close to us soon! Like you, I'm concerned about the hearts of our nation. I believe there is something "stirring" that is a spiritual hunger and the church needs to be ready to witness to people. I hope it will be another "Great Awakening." Because of the great need for involvement I've been writing more about things like you just posted! We too watched films and dvd series about the founding of the nation just recently. God bless you!

  3. Oh my....Caleb is getting SO tall!! Sure do miss the antics of Caleb and Jess. Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting the tournament day. The kids had alot of fun, and even learned something along the way. Hope Isaac's arm is healing.


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