Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fishin', Farmin', and Friends

Silas takes so many pictures I'm afraid you'll have to bear with me through another long post!  The last few days the guys, and Priscilla, have been sucker fishing with rods, as oppossed to net or by hand.  Notice how it's sucking on her thumb?  Guess that's one reason they have the name, suckers.
Priscilla reminds me a lot of what I was like as a girl.  I loved fishing!
It's about dark and the guys are laying on the ground so they can see the string on their rods against the sky.  Interesting.
Silas!  Who else would've thought of this!  Don't worry, they took it down.
So here they are, the J. guys, Isaac, Silas and Priscilla, and my nephews.
Nice aren't they?   Not the best for plain eating.  Isaac has been smoking them which is what most people do.
Isaac got me a boquet of pussywillows.
Handsome isn't he?  Farmers might not get paid like a government worker but they never run out of work to do or get layed off or go on strike!  Seems like there's just not enough hours in the day for taking care of new calves, milking the cows, fixing fences, feeding the cows, grinding the feed, building corrals, getting equipment ready, and working in the fields.  Although we've had a gorgeous spring, it's still not getting overly green out there because it's so dry.  Guess we wouldn't trade farming for any other job despite the hard work and weather, unless God told us too anyway.
Yesterday Hosanna hosted a birthday party for Tanya.  We watched a long movie, and ate way too much.

So have a great day in the Lord!

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  1. I love the new photos on the side. Where ever does the time go? Looks like you will need a new photo including grandbabies - oh, I don't know maybe in about 9 months:)!


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