Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation Rehersal

Yesterday the girls graduating from our church got together to decorate the open house cakes.   Meanwhile, the ladies did some cleaning and organizing the tables, etc.
Nice job, Hosanna!  Course it's not done yet!  They decorated them a day early because a couple of the grads are busy today.
Then last night we had rehersal and the grads thought they'd rehearse the cap toss!  Actually we wanted some pictures because it seems like when graduation day actually comes, it's tough to get everyone together. 
Most of my pictures were not too great but this one of Nathan turned out nice.  Thought his eastern friends would like to see what an "sophisticated, educated man" he turned out to be :) 

Meanwhile, we'd been tossing around the idea of whether or not we should get some more baby chicks this year.  We put off the idea and today got a call from the chick place.  They had extra chicks and wondered if we could give them a home.  Guess God took care of that decision!  So Arthur's out getting them.  Miriam was out mowing lawn this morning when we had a dust storm.  Wow, I have never seen dust blowing down the driveway that bad and it was bad enough that Miriam just stood outside with her back to the wind because the dust hurt when it hit her face and arms.  Then the rain and storms came.  We've had a lot of them lately and a good supply of rain.  That's okay, we'll take all the rain God wants to send us.   Naomi and Aaron are home from their trek around the country.  Isaac is changing breaks on a car.  And so that's how it goes up here.  Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. Real "sophisticated"!! Ha-ha!! Congrats to the grads!! A friend of ours from church who lives about 20 miles away said they winds gusting to 75 mph!!! But it kept blowing after it stopped raining so everything dried out really quickly. See y'all at vbs.

  2. I was in a storm like that once--not fun! I can sympathize with the decision about baby chicks. I got 21 about 4 weeks ago and will have some more coming in a few weeks, though these will be partially grown. That's the farm life, isn't it? I hope you enjoy them.


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