Friday, May 21, 2010

Bible Bee 2010

I was registering Hosanna and Priscilla for the Bible Bee this evening even though Hosanna will be gone for a good part of the summer.  I couldn't help but think back at last year and what a blessing the Bible Bee was for our family and thought that maybe I should encourage those of you reading this to enter as well!  Check it out at   Registration runs through the end of June but the verses will be released June 1st so it's best to register quickly.  It costs $25 a student and is for 7-18 year olds.  They have five Bible versions so everyone should be happy.  There's lots of local bees all over the country and there's probably one close to everyone reading this except for maybe us.   It's set up to be a family project but students can work on it alone as well. 

Anyway, I encourage everyone between 7 and 18 to sign up.  It's not easy but most things that are spiritually rewarding are hard work.  If a student even learned more than they're learning now it would be of help.  They take the top 100 from each age category around the country who then go on to the national competition which is in Chicago in November this year.  If you win at nationals, top three in each category, the prizes are fabulous with the top prize being $100,000.00!!! for the senior age group. 

Not sure what else I can say to encourage you except for I can guarantee it will be a blessing in your life or your children's lives and will draw you all closer to God.  Have a great evening!


  1. Which one did you register for?

  2. We registered for Duluth. Not sure how the kids will even get there because it's on one of our maze days. Amos said he would if we needed him too. It would also be great for anyone who is looking at the long summer ahead and wishing they had something to do.

  3. Okay; I was just curious. We registered for the cities because we can stay at my brother's house about 15 minutes away. (Plus we were already registered before the Duluth one was on the list.) :)

  4. oooh, I just had to say that I LOVE the family pictures you put up on the right sidebar! :-) They're so pretty!!!! I love to see family pictures!


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