Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Men and Boys Campout

Last weekend Isaac headed up the men and boys campout our church guys have every spring.  Isaac tells me his fish burgers went over good and that everyone had a good time.  Some good devotionals were had as well.

Looks like they had a tomahawk throwing contest.  Is that you, Reuben, in the back? 
Isaac found these huge marshmallows 'cause no campout would be complete with the melted, gooey, white stuff.
I'm not sure Sarah wants to go where you want to go, Nathan.  Silas brought the horses along so most everyone took their turns.  Poor guys.  These horses are about as obedient as a new puppy!
Everyone also took their turns shooting at a target.  Isaac has so much patience in helping the little guys.
Silas riding the nice trails in the woods.

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  1. Thanks for organizing the weekend Isaac, and for the great food. Uncle Bruce


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