Sunday, May 2, 2010

State Republican Convention

Arthur and I had a great time this last week attending our State Republican Convention in Minneapolis!  After getting signed in we were greeted at the door by Marty Siefert , a governor candidate, and our favorite of the four that were running.
We listened to one of Minnesota's favorite ladies, Michele Bachmann.   It was the first time I had heard her speak and is she ever a "vibrant" speaker.  She is running for US House of Representatives for a third term.
Arthur was a delegate along with his dad.  I was an alternate but still got to be in on some of the voting when our delegates left the floor for one reason or another.
Our governor, Tim Pawlenty, gave his last speech as governor at a state convention as he doesn't plan on running again.  He's done a lot of good things for our state and it will be sad to see him go.  Who knows, you might see him if he should decide to run for president!!
It's not a state convention without a lot of confetti, noise, banner waving, and very loud music! (which I could've passed on - the music that is) 

Another convention "must have" is political signs everywhere.  You couldn't look in any direction without seeing walls and ceilings, and steps plastered with them.  Maybe not as many as some years though.
This is Tom Emmer who actually won the endorsement for governor.  He wasn't our number one pick but he will do a good job if elected.  He is a favorite of the tea party folks and is known for being quite opinionated on the floor of the House.  He has seven children and they are really big into hockey which anyone could've figured out as his campain staff all had Emmer hockey jerseys.  He is very conservative so we're happy.
Two of the governor delegates lost out on the first ballot.  After the second ballot, even though Siefert wasn't too far behind Emmer, he conceded the race and gave his support to Emmer.  It was evidence of his good character and by graciously conceeding, he helped make the party so united.
This is Tim Tinglestad.  He is running for MN supreme court and we would LOVE to see him win.  Voting for judges seems so futile sometimes when you know nothing about them but we do know Tinglestad who is a firm believer with character and one we know will judge constitutionally.  We endorsed him and two other men running for MN supreme court justice.
Another picture of the newly endorsed governor candidate Tom Emmer. 
With over 2,000 people in attendance, it was so encouraging to see likeminded people who want to turn our country back to the original principles it was founded on.  On May 1st, May Day, we had a "mayday" call for help to God for our country's sins, and for mercy from God to restore our country.  It was a minute of silent prayer where you could've heard a pin drop.  I think just about every speaker mentioned God and many of the delegates mentioned God in sharing things about our platform.  Things might be bad in our country, and we know only God can really change things, but it was sure encouraging to see good candidates, and good people out there that think like we do.  If you ever get a chance, go to the state convention, if not as a delegate, even as a guest.
And finally, what do country folk do when they go to the city?  Take pictures of the big buildings!  Couldn't even get the tops in the picture.  I tell you, cities are not for me!  The cars, people, and highway system leave me quite confused and it was such a relief to get north of Caimbridge where it was finally country again!!

Well, I don't normally post on Sunday's but I was still excited about the convention and with a very busy week coming up I thought I'd do it today.  I'll try and post some pictures of the guys campout tomorrow or Tuesday.   Have a great day with God's blessing and mercy.

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  1. WOW, looks like an awesome conference!! :) I love going to those things and getting all energized, pumped up, and ready to fight again...we're kinda in a political slump right now because we've been campaigning hard in the Sioux Falls mayoral race (which was last Tuesday) and our man a very liberal guy whose campaign was being run by a gay man from Sioux Falls (who also ran OBAMA'S campaign) yeah, we are in real need of a pick-me-up before we jump into campaigning for the November election. You guys are lucky to have Michelle Bachmann!! :) She's awesome!


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