Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Stuff...

Arthur got a picture of this cute calf.  Amazing how you get such a spotted calf, with the mother that you can see, and a red bull with white face.  I guess if the spotted calves were Jacob's, he'd get this one!  Sure is cute though.
It's the first day of lake fishing today and Isaac, Silas, Hosanna, and Priscilla went out.  Silas go this picture of a goose with her goslings.  Oh, if only we were as quick to stay close to our heavenly Father!
They didn't do too bad.  A few of the walleye were really nice sized.
Today we had Daniel and David here for awhile.  I introduced Daniel to rhubarb!  Don't you love the pucker face?!  It didn't stop him though and he proceeded to eat the whole thing making a face at each bite.

Also introduced Daniel to "ticken" as he called them.  He loved seeing them eat blades of grass he threw in.  When at the house all he wants to do is read books or play ball - must take after Uncle Nathan on that one.

Am I the only one that prays hard for something and then forgets to thank God immediately when He answers our prayer?  That happened this week, or actually it's been a few weeks now.  I had been having some trouble with our "" web site.  For some reason I could not get the domain name to show up with the web site.  The support team was really helpful but we weren't getting anywhere.  I prayed quite hard for several weeks.  I finally set the maze site up at and gave up.  Well, they finally got it fixed!  I was thrilled and now have two almost identical maze sites with different providers.  Anyway, I made sure to thank the support team and went on my merry way when all of a sudden I realized I had forgotten to thank God.  Yes, I took time to do that, and it wasn't too long after, but how sad that thanking God isn't on my tongue continually and my first thought.  Something I need to work on especially when I pray about an issue.  So that was my hard lesson I learned this week. 

Speaking of corn mazes, have you been on our P. friends corn maze web site at ?  My children think it would be way more fun to quit ours and go help them!  Sorry, my children!  My father-in-law planted the maze corn about two weeks ago and I can't wait to see it come up!  I was sure glad he cut it as he is so careful to make the rows straight which really helps when cutting the maze. 

Well, have a great evening and Lord's Day tomorrow!


  1. We went fishing on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and only caught 2 walleye... This is completely not fair! Lol.

  2. Aww! The baby geese were cute!
    Hope to see lots of pictures of you next corn maze! I'll be praying it goes well!


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