Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Petunia Planting 2010

Today was petunia planting day!  The M. cousins, and the J. friends, and our kids, plus Arthur, planted two semi-loads (one layer deep) of petunias up and down the streets of our town for a local business. 
Hosanna and Karen J. split up flats of flowers up so that the flowers are planted in a nice pattern.  Arthur hauls them from the semi's to where the guys are planting.

Miriam puts the 4-packs by every four holes that Silas or Arthur makes and everyone else goes along and plants them.  Thank you everyone for a job very well done!!!  Did I mention it was the hottest day so far this year with the temp around 80 degrees.  We're not really used to this heat so Hosanna got sick, and a few others got headaches but a trip to the DQ helped everyone perk up. 
Isaac was out hunting for morel mushrooms.  Mmm, are they ever good fried!  I was a little nervous and wouldn't have been surprised to get sick, but apparently he knows what he's picking and we were all fine.  Even Miriam who doesn't like mushrooms liked these ones.
Arthur's been busy putting the different cows and calves out to different pastures.  Here's his "young girls" he's leading out to pasture via the highway.
The blossoms on the trees are so beautiful!  God is so good to bless us with a nice spring and such beauty around us.  Please continue to pray for our brother-in-law with cancer.  He's in the hospital tonight.  I have a hard time seeing someone in pain and it just makes me wish the Lord would return and take us all home! 


  1. Looks like quite a day! By the way, last Sat. we met friends of yours, Dalen and Kristi B. They purchased some of our goats. What a special family!

  2. Good times...I bet it was weird doing petunias without Naomi!!!

  3. What a small world! Not only were we without Naomi, Isaac was working too. Times they are a changing!

  4. Interesting1 My daughter and I recently went to Holland, Michigan during the Tulip Festival week. Such beauty! This town also has tulips lining most of the streets, the park and just about everywhere! After seeing that, I'm sure the petunias will be gorgeous! We usually find a few mushrooms as well, but haven't yet this year.


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