Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hay and Maze Work

Not a very creative title is it?  Isaac and my father-in-law cut some hay the other day.  This is our first crop and if it doesn't rain it'll be baled later today or tomorrow.  We usually keep first crop for the beef cows and save the nicer second crop for the dairy cows.  With all the rain we've had the hay is really nice.
We're also been cutting the maze this week.  Right now I'm in for a break.  I follow the maze map and with a paint marker mark the trails.
Priscilla follows along and puts flags in so we can see where we're going.  Then after we've done enough to make us wonder where we're really at, Arthur comes out with the weed eater and buzzes the trails down so we can again see where we're at and mark some more.  It works even though I'd love to have it done by GPS.  A week of hard work wandering around in the field never hurt anyone!  Just in the last three days the weeds have really died down after being sprayed last week and the corn has grown about 4-6 inches.  We have a saying around here, "Knee high by 4th of July".  It'll be taller than that this year.  Anyone have a saying like that in your area for the corn?

A corn maze is a good reminder of how some people just wander around in life never getting anywhere and never knowing how to reach the final end goal, heaven.  Not that you have to work for heaven!  But if you have a map, the Bible, you'll not only be prepared for the end, you'll know where to go and what to do on your way there!  Sure hope everyone that reads this blog has put their faith in Jesus Christ to save them.  He died and rose again for all of us sinners and just by trusting in Him we can be saved from all our sin.  If you haven't done that, why not today?

"Believe on the
Lord Jesus Christ
and thou shalt be saved."
Act 16:31


  1. Yes we do have a saying like that, But ours is Thigh high by the 4th of July. It already is knee high.

  2. Hmmmm, our corn is rarely knee high by the 4th, it has happened now and again though. But, so far, for this year we'll be lucky if it gets ankle high before then:)

    Abby C.

  3. Yes, we have that same saying here in southern Michigan. We are a huge hybrid corn growing county. Our daughter has worked for years as a field inspector. We have our field in field corn this year instead of alfalfa. I miss the hay! Anyway, our corn around here is way beyond knee-high and usually is this time of year. I often wonder if the people who started that saying were referring to sweet corn in gardens?

  4. I love Priscilla's flower chain headband with her camo jacket.

  5. Rebekah says he uncles saying down in Ill. is "Tastles to the sky by 4th of July". Probably sweet corn down there. Priscilla said she wore the camo jacket because the mosquitos are so bad they just bite right through normal clothes. I do love the daisy wreath. Today however, it is so hot in the corn field that even the mosquitoes are laying low.

  6. Well, the corn is over our heads down here in IL!! I think the saying came into existence before there were tractors and things were done by hand. looks like we will be coming north for the fourth!! : ) See you all soon!

  7. We have that saying in southeastern Pa, but the corn is usually far beyond knee high by then. We even have some early crops in tassel by now, but those are to supply the eager shoppers with fresh corn for their picnics.

  8. People here do also say "Knee high by the 4th of July," but a lot of the conventional here is already about shoulder high...

  9. Currently the corn around us is nearing waist high and on some farms shoulder high. It's growing so fast! Sweet corn - is already making it's appearance at the end of driveways. How I love this time of year!


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