Saturday, June 19, 2010

VBS - Part 3 and Last

Yesterday, the last day of VBS for this year, the kids were starting to get really wound up at noon so Arthur grabbed the big barn rope and they had a tug of war.  For those that care, we were talking about this rope that we've been using for years and years and figured it must be about 100 years old!  
Here's Silas in a skit as Sir Tripsalot.  He was suppose to be injured from riding his horse backwards!  Some kids said this was their favorite part of the day and when VBS was done we saw a little four year old boy pretending to be Sir Tripsalot by tripping crazily going down the aisle.  It was sure funny!
We do a theme skit every year.  This year it's about Princess Daisy who gets captured by the wicked Sir Trouble and his henchmen.  My niece Rachel is Princess Daisy and my nephews are Sir Trouble and his henchmen.
On Friday Sir Trouble gets saved, he lets Princess Daisy go and King Kindheart kinghts him, Sir Trusty.  This is another favorite part of the kids day.
Another nephew, Jonathan, introduced a Bible lesson on King Joash.  There were a lot of other workers other than neices and nephews and because of all the help we had one of our best VBS's ever.  For those reading this, thank you so much for your help!!
We do a program on Friday and the kids sing some songs and say verses for the parents.  Overall it was a great week!  God is good!  And thank you for those that prayed for us.  No one got seriously hurt, well, okay, Amos looked pretty bad, but at least the children were okay!  God also held the rain off four of the five days so that was great too. 

Well, we finally got our lawn mowed today.  With all the rain we've been having it was really long.  Tomorrow is father's day and then next week we hopefully will get the maze cut.  Hosanna, Silas, and Miraim have 5-Day clubs so it'll get cut if Priscilla and I can do a good job marking the trails for Arthur to cut.  Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!
Happy Father's Day, Arthur!


  1. So glad your Bible school went well. The last picture really amazed me because from a distance at least, the benches look identical to the ones in our church. The front is the same too. The front wall is shaped like that too only it's brick--also with a cross at the front. Even the carpet looked similar! If I hadn't known better, I'd have thought I was looking at my own church!

  2. I love this bottom picture of Arthur. It's one of those "True Character" photos!


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