Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Herb Garden. Anne, Sperry, and Faith Like Potatoes

Arthur built me something new this year - a herb garden. It's in the back side of my vegetable garden and back behind the raspberries so the grass is kinda long.  I'm working on that...  And yes, it looks like it's full of little weeds, and it is, but it's also full of things barely peeking out of the dirt.  The chickens also make their home back here so it's kinda unkept.  Again, I'm working on that... This is something I've wanted for a long time, not that I use all that many herbs, but it started out as a need to plant dill somewhere that I could let it reseed every year.  My plans grew, and grew and here it is.  Arthur even put up an arch made out of popple trees and a nice bench to sit on when the mosquitos let up a bit. (Not for awhile with all the rain and cool weather we've been having!)  Now I'm looking for something to put in the middle.  Priscilla said it needs a statue.  Neat idea but I'm looking for something free, something I already have around but not just plants.  Any suggestions?  Maybe a big rock? 
I labled some of the things in the garden with rocks using a permenant marker.  That way, if I tell one of the kids to go get me some basil leaves, they won't come back with sage or marjoram leaves.  Also am working on getting a good bed of mint going.  So far I've gotten apple, chocolate, and orange mint but no peppermint could be found in any greenhouses around here and no one seemed to have any so I ended up planting some seeds.  The bee balm "menarda" in the picture is actually from my flowerbed but it's dying out so I thought I'd transplant some to try and keep it alive.  I've used the petals of the menarda flowers in salad before and it gives it a nice red garnish.  The leaves can be used for tea I'm told but I've never had enough to use them that way which is one reason I'd like lots of mint since mint tea is our favorite.

We got a few new videos.  The first was the 1934 version of "Anne of Green Gables".  I kept having this feeling that they were copying the 80's version of Anne of Green Gables but actually it was the other way around.  It was kinda funny if anything. 

"Secrets of Jonathan  Sperry" was really good.  The main message was that everyone is going to die and will either go to heaven or hell and we need to tell everyone how to get to heaven.  The main boy had a girlfriend in the beginning, but if anything, what he did in regard to this girl added to the message.  Again, it was good. 

Then this morning since it was cold and rainy, we decided to watch another one of the movies we got, "Faith Like Potatoes".  At first I wasn't sure why people would think it was so good.  The main guy had quite a temper and his life was a mess.  But you need to see the mess in a persons life to really appreciate it when they finally get their heart right with God.  He did, and went on to really demonstrate what God can do with the life of one man when sold out for God.  It's a true story and takes place in south Africa.  It was a little too gory when a boy falls off a tractor and gets run over but I can always turn my head when things get gross!  Told Arthur I've often pictured this exact thing happening when I see kids sitting on the fenders of our tractors when someone else is driving.  It was certainly inspiring.

With ice cream being the favorite dairy product, what's your favorite flavor?  Answer in the poll!  The question for this week from midwest dairy was suppose to be "How many times have you been on a dairy farm" but I figured most of you have been on them many, many times, so you get an ice cream question!


  1. Love the herb garden. I reallly like using rocks for labels. All it needs now is a sitting bench.


  2. Arthur did put a bench in, I guess I worded it wrong. I meant to say, I won't be sitting on it unless the mosquitos back off. Sorry about that! It's just a log cut in half supported on two logs and you can kinda see it in the top left corner of the garden.

  3. the herb garden! We have peppermint that we will share. Do you want spearmint?
    Ju Ne;;

  4. Now I see the bench - looks nice. Maybe if you grow citrenella the mosquitos will stay away. Some think that lavendar works too.

  5. what do you use your bee balm for?

  6. I thought the same thing when I first watched Faith Like Potatoes. In fact, I almost turned it off! But it turned out ok.

  7. Well how fun, all that you have going. And for Faith Like Potatoes, we feel the same thing about the boy falling. We fast forward, definately. But what really cemented how amazing this family is, is all the features. I hope you've seen all those. I don't believe in hands on healing. But I do wonder that the Lord may've let that happen for these people??? Anyways, not to start a debate or anything. I just love the story, and that it's true.

  8. Your herb garden is lovely, even in its beginnings ;) I have herbs throughout the garden, but you have inspired me to make a special place for them! Have a blessed day...

  9. Yes, JC, I would love some peppermint and spearmint if you can spare some. Thanks!

    I haven't used the bee balm other than for salad garnish. I'm hopeing to make some tea out of the leaves.

    While I don't think God uses people to heal like he did in Bible days, I think that sometimes in areas of the world where it is so dark spiritually, he does sometimes use miraculous healing to demonstrate his power. A lot of missionaries will attest to this but I guess in countries like ours, we put our faith in the doctors more and so maybe God doesn't see a need to work in the same way. We certainly do see medical miracles but I guess God doesn't get the credit. Does give a person something to think about!

  10. My favorite ice cream is caramel macchiato (Starbucks). Daniel and Rachel gave me some as part of my Mother's Day gift.

  11. I was amazed when I saw your post. My husband built raised beds for me in the garden this year complete with an "herb garden" center with a four-posted pole for pole beans and morning glories! Were we thinking alike? I hope to post some pictures soon of mine. Yours looks so nice! I have a huge rock in the center with marigolds planted around it and then the herbs around that. Our property is FULL of huge rocks. Your idea of rock labels was great.

  12. We LOVED faith like potatoes. I agree that seeing how angry and spent the man was before Christ really spoke to the power of God to change a person.

    As for hands on healing, I have seen things I can not explain, but by the Power of God. I do not believe Satan can do anything that is asked for in the name of Jesus.. So, I guess I fall a bit more charasmatic on that issue. Great movie.

    I love the herb garden too! This is my first year gardening, and I love it.. :)


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