Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June is Dairy Month and Maze Work

So, what is your favorite dairy product?  Let us know by voting in the poll in the right hand column.  You can vote for multiple answers and it's anonymous!  Have a great day and eat lots of dairy!!

Yesterday Arthur spent some time over at the maze before the hay season starts and he has no free time.  First he moved the admissions/concession booth facing north with it's back to the corn.  Last year we had it facing west and not only was the sun in the workers eyes all day, it made all the chocolate melt! (like candy bars and smores) This year it should be in the shade plus from the concession booth you can see everything going on in every direction.
Arthur also took some time, well actually it took quite awhile, to try and smooth out the fire pit area a little.  The campfires were literally in a fire "pit" and all the water would run down by the campfires.  It's still lower than the land around it but it has a nice slope now to drain better.  We're hoping to plant some kind of grain / grass mixture to make it look nicer when fall rolls around instead of being a big sand pile.  The corn never grew good in this sand so maybe grain / grass won't either.  Guess we'll see. 


  1. We would vote but, we are both intolerant of lactose :) We love coconut ice cream though and other dairy-free delicacies. So we'll be enjoying our non-dairy products all month long (and the rest of the year too) :)
    Cheers, Mae and Elisabeth

  2. I love that you are doing the maze again this year - hooray for second chances in improvement ideas!

  3. Elizabeth - I have a hard time with dairy products too, especially our raw milk and any kind of ice cream. Sometimes I'm willing to suffer though! Cheese doesn't seem to affect me as bad. And yes, I'm glad for second chances too!

  4. Dairy month, eh??? Ilove a good, deep, cold, glass of milk! I rememebr the times I would help out on your folks farm, back in the 80's, and would get some of the great tasting milk from the bulk tank! I've never tasted anything better & wish I could get a taste of the same again today.

  5. Go corn maze! It's even more interesting this year to see what you all are doing on your maze than last year since we are doing one too! We can now better understand what all you have to do! Wow! WE had NO idea! ;)



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