Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VBS Part 1

VBS has been going pretty good so far.  My camera starting making a lot of noise and not working right so you'll have to wait on the indoor picures.  For craft time, all the kids are making "treasure boxes" out of popcicle sticks.  Here their spraypainting them, then they add marbles for feet and for a lid handle.
Sir Silas is doing really good as a leader and as Sir Tripsalot in a skit.
Hosanna let a parachute game that the kids absolutely loved!  Thanks Mr. B. for the use of it!
Two of my cute nieces, Libby and Joanna.  Everyone brings a bag lunch since we have VBS from 9-2.
Another niece of mine, Abby, is doing great on her Bible memory.
We're doing something really different this year for our Bible memory contest.  After the children say their daily verses, they can say extra verses, of which we have 100.  In the morning we draw the names of four of our leaders.  At the end of the day, those four leaders stand in a circle, and for every five extra verses the children say they get to throw a balloon at the four leaders.  I'm not sure if they kids like this or not but they sure are saying lots of verses!  Above you see Sir Tim, Sir Josiah, Lady Emily, and Lady Miriam.  We give the workers Sir and Lady names since our theme is on the castle line.  Emily is from the "Every Thought Captive" blog, so thanks Emily for joining us!
Last night I looked out the window and saw this gorgous sunset!   This morning they were forcasting 80% chance of rain before 1 pm.  It sprinkled a little but didn't actually rain till about 2 pm!  Right when we were done.  Isn't God good!  After VBS our theme skit crew was practicing their skit when Amos accidentally got hit with a sword.  He ended up with seven stitches!  Yes, it was sure gory so I won't post a picture!


  1. Justin was Sir Tripsalot for VBS once many years ago. He certainly lived up to his name, and the kids loved it!

  2. Oh NO!!!! Poor Amos!! Hope he heals up okay! :S Anyway, thanks for posting some pix...I really miss being up there this week!!! :( Glad to see everything is going so well.


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