Thursday, June 17, 2010

VBS Part 2

Have a few minutes so I thought I'd post a little more about VBS.  Today we took the workers photo.  I must say that I think this is the best set of workers we've ever had!  We sure missed a few workers from the past but other than that, they were really, really good! 
Here's Miriam, Priscilla and Elizabeth M. setting up registration for tomorrow.  I love working at registration!  I love the thrill of getting to reward a child who has learned a verse, or the excitement of someone who brought a friend, or the fun of seeing who will win the big prizes.
Today was the first day it actually rained during VBS.  Once again,  I was sure glad Hosanna led some parachute games for the littler ones.  I believe she had about 30 children around that thing.  The older ones visited and worked on Bible memory for our contest.
Yes, I know this is really dark but I wanted you to see a lesson Isaac did on different sins we need to get out of our life, like fear, lying, disobedience, etc.  He would read a verse and let the children guess what the thing was we should get rid of and then he would shoot the balloon with that thing on it.  He sure had their attention and we sure hope they remember the content of lessons more than the delivery of them!

I don't have the sheets in front of me but I think we've had about 80 children with at least two of them getting saved that I know of.  Other's responded to invitations but I'm not sure if they got saved or not.  Someday we'll know the names of those that are written in the Book of Life as a result of our hard work here on earth!  Tomorrow we have a program for the parents from 1-2 pm.  It's always fun to see all the children on stage singing their hearts out!


  1. I'm so jealous...I wish I were there!!!!! How's Amos' nose, by the way?? I got a very graphic description last night from Hannah...poor guy!!! :S

  2. We wish you were here too! Someday we look forward to having little Hauguard children attending!!! I'll post of photo of Amos when I get to it.


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