Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Silas!
16 years old already!  I can hardly believe it!!  Silas is known for his diligence and preciseness.  Thank you, Silas, for all your hard work and the humor you bring to our house!  We love you very much!!  I would post a picture but lately he's the one with the camera and so I don't have any current photo's of him.  Today he had the fun of going up with Arthur to take an aerial maze photo.  Unfortunately, he gave Arthur the good camera and he took the blurry one so we didn't get any really good ones.   We'll see what editing will do.
Arthur had two big projects this week that the J. kids, and some nephews helped out with.  Picking rocks was one of them.  What a hard job!  There's Ronnie, Jeshua, Arthur, Nathan, Mathias, Caleb, and Joshua.
I liked this one of Joshua.  He comes from way down south in South Dakota so maybe that's why he has an insulated coat on! 
Our nephew Ronnie, and brother Jeshua have been a lot of help on the farm this summer.  Thanks, guys! 

Then the guys went weeding in a neighbors soybean field. 
The J. girls and Priscilla are in the background.

Well, have a great day, Silas!


  1. Happy Birthday Silas!!!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday! We pray that you will continue to grow into a Godly young man in your 16th year. We enjoy your fun, kind personality.
    God's Blessings!!!

    The Peck Family

  2. Ah, the joys of bean Oh, and yeah, like it never gets cold WAAAY down here either!!! ;) Haha. Happy Birthday Silas!!!!

  3. Picking rocks? Is that just clearing rocks away from the plots?

  4. Rocks are really tough on the machinery and so when they got done with the hay on that field, they picked the rocks so that the next time they bale it won't affect the machinery so bad. It seems like rocks grow around here!

  5. God answered our prayer and we are rejoicing in the reward of labor.


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