Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ah, Summer Days...

And summer days always bring our local county fair and with that a county wide parade.  We did a maze float as you can see.  The poor scarecrow guy kinda took a nap!  Silas agreed to sit on the back and handed Priscilla and her friends maze postcards to give out. 
In the orange shirts are Elizabeth, Jessica and Krystal.  All together they passed out about 1,000 cards and got lots of good responses.
I mainly posted this picture because after I downloaded them and saw it I had to laugh at all the children running around on the street!  Amazing no one gets hurt!!  There sure was a lot of candy given out and I would guess most kids grocery bags were about full!

These are a little out of order.  Sunday night Arthur, Isaac, Miriam, Hosanna, Silas and Priscilla and I decided to wander over to the maze.  The guys hadn't been in it yet so we let them find their way.  When we got out Aaron and Naomi's truck was there so we knew they had found us and were in the maze too.  While waiting for them Amos and Rebekah drove up with their sweet boys.  So, we had quite a maze party!  Here's the expectant mothers, hubbys, and grandchildren.  Pretty pathetic grass isn't it?  It's very sandy and the grass just doesn't want to grow.  Oh well, it will be nicer than last year!
Still newlyweds!
The guys had to play king of the hill on the bale tires and Daniel had to imitate Miriam and climb up on a stump.  In the background you can see the fence Arthur built to kinda create a buffer zone between cars and the events.
David played with rocks quite nicely!  Tasted some too!  Sometime I'll try to catch David's adorable smile for you all to see.
There was a nice sunset as we sat around the fire pit getting eaten alive by mosquitos.

Back to the parade.  Here's the float closer up.  It was kinda windy so the corn blew around some.
And here's the great float crew - Silas, Rachel, Elizabeth, Priscilla, Julie, Jessica, and Krystal.  Thank you all for your hard work!!


  1. Looks like fun!! The pic of your married kids & grandkids is really cute. :)

  2. Glad everything went weill - we were thinking of you guys today and I was glad I wasn't there :) Great job on the scarecrows, Priscilla! - I think they deserve their own post...

  3. Wheres Silas's hat?

  4. The float looks great and everyone looks very festive in their orange shirts! :) Jess and Krystal look like they are having a great time.

  5. As to the "still Newlywed" picture - I remember being like that. In fact I still am like that - the only differnece now is that the kids get in between us too often, physically, mentally and in love. BUT we are still newlyweds when we realize we can be!!


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