Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maze Photo

Well here it is.  The aerial photo of the maze.  I know it's not the best and it took a heap of editing to make it as good as it is but it still looks kinda cool and a relief to know it really does look like Minnesota!  The bridge is up in the clouds.  The big lake on the top of Minnesota is Lake of the Woods where we live by.  The other lakes are the Upper and Lower Red Lakes, and Mille Lacs Lake. (Not room to add all 11,000+ other lakes!)  The curvy trails are the Minnesota and the Mississippi Rivers.  Some of the state and trails get a little hard to see because we took parts out to make the maze a little harder to venture through. Most of the trails in the state are county lines.  If anybody has any ideas on how to "turn" the photo to make it more flat I'd welcome them!
And these are Priscilla's cute scarecrow guys, Lew and Orville C. Cornpone.  One boy said at the parade referring to Silas, "Look, there's a real scarecrow!"  One little girl said she liked her maze postcard as much as her candy!  That's what makes the maze fun to do - seeing others have fun!

I forgot to mention, Priscilla's Buff Opferington (I'm sure that's spelling wrong!) has a baby chick!  A whole nest of eggs but when the one chick hatched, she deserted the nest despite Priscilla continually putting her back on the nest.  Sure a cute little thing.  We'll post a photo sometime soon.

It's day three of our County Fair.  The kids are working in our church booth telling the wordless book to children.  So far this week they've had 109 children and 11 salvation decisions!  Today is usually their busiest day so please pray for them.  Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. Looks great! I think some of us will end up there for the maze at some point. :) I can't wait!

  2. I think it's spelled, "Buff Orpington." I always wanted one of those type of chickens but never got one. I am anxious to see the pictures of the little chick.

  3. Try putting the picture in the paint program, then under image toolbar you can mess with the size, flip, rotate ect.

  4. That looks GREAT! How special too that you are often finding ways for your children to share Jesus.

  5. The maze looks great! That is wonderful news about the Booth.


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