Monday, August 2, 2010

50 Years!

We celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary this weekend.  We actually had a party on their 40th thinking my dad would never live till his 50th, but here we are!  It was fun!  My sisters and I planned a picnic and invited relatives and my parents friends and neighbors.  There were a few surprises, like my nephew, Matthew, who we didn't think would be able to make it, but he did.  My cousin David, from the cities, also made it with his family so that was special.  When my sisters and I get together we have so much fun!  We laugh and laugh and plan things and share struggles and victories.  Sister relationships are so special!  And Dad and Mom, we love you lots and appreciate all you do for us!!!
The kids got home from camp with story after story to tell.  Caleb K. kept the children entertained one night by juggling torches! 
Camp always includes swimming and boating or it wouldn't be camp!
My nephew Jeshua enjoying the ball court.  What's really neat about this camp is that not only have my children been there for quite a few years, it's where Arthur and I went to camp as kids, and our dads went to camp as boys!  Three generations!! 
Silas and Hosanna helped teach some archery.  There were like 75 children and 14 of them made salvation decisions!  Thank you, Mr. B., for putting all the work you do into this special week!  My children will never forget it and have so many great memories from over the years!  Thank you too, Mrs. B. and Charissa!!


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