Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Cleaning things out of the garden is such a good reminder that winter is just around the corner.  The girls and I did some of the garden work today while Arthur was busy combining flax.  If the rain holds off we'll be busy with flax straw bales.  For a few years, before we made a corn maze we made flax straw bale mazes for our church family and friends.  Despite all the weeds, God has blessed our garden once again with so much good food!
On Saturday the local firemen did a fire exercise by burning down our neighbors old house that they wanted to get rid of.  They started and stopped the fire a number of times and then finally let it go.  With the Bulldog River right there they also practiced getting water, and putting it back in the river.  Was interesting to watch between Daniel's 2nd birthday party and work over at the maze.  Apparently everyone thought is was interesting because there were cars lined up on either side of the highway quite a ways.
Like this sheep, our sins make us dirty and unfit for heaven.  Only Jesus was the perfect lamb that could take away the sins of the world!
It's always a little sad seeing the flowers dying off.   We're busy enough though that I told the girls I would like nothing better than to have a really good blizzard about now where we couldn't go anywhere but stay in the house.  Maybe even one bad enough to shut the power off!  Good thing we have more time before winter though, I have a lot of stuff I'd like to get done.
York is sure growing.  Just look at those paws!
Isaac and Silas went out to harvest wild rice yesterday and saw this nice swan.

The wild rice harvest wasn't very good but it was something Isaac has always wanted to try.  Apparently with all the strong winds we've had, the tall rice plants fell over into the water.  It was a good experience though and he did get a few grains.  Maybe next year.  It grows wild and you need a pricey license to pick it.


  1. Very interesting about the wild rice. To my knowledge we have nothing like that here, or if we do, no one harvests it. Interesting! I always love sheep pictures as I spin and knit!

  2. That's cool about the practice burn! My dad has done several of those and it always fun when he tells us about them!!! :)

    Love the pictures of the swan!!

  3. Especially loved the pictures of the sheep and the swan with the verses added. Thanks. If we do get a blizzard, hope its just in your yard :)) Bruce


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