Friday, September 10, 2010

Where Were You...

Where were you the morning of 9-11-01 when you heard of the Twin Towers and other hits from planes by terrorists?  I remember it very clear.  I was doing dishes when my sister called and said, "Are you listening to the radio?"  Well, after a few minutes of listening and calling other family members who I know didn't listen to the radio, and running out to the barn to tell Arthur, I loaded the kids up in the van and brought them over to my parents to watch this unfold on TV. No sense in having school when you can actually watch history taking place!  We never imagined how much our world was about to change.  And yes, we did take time to pray for those impacted by 9-11.

Silas and Priscilla don't remember 9-11 at all.  The other children I had each write a school paper on the whole event for them to keep record of.  But even those that remember, don't really remember things before 9-11.  As far as they know things have always been this way in our country.   I guess remembering this day in history, and not remembering it like my younger children, is kinda like things that happened to the children of Israel when wandering in the wilderness.  They so quickly forgot the miracles that God performed for them that changed their lives.  We may forget 9-11 but I pray that we never forget what God has done for us in all the everyday miracles He performs and in the greatest thing He ever did, giving his son Jesus to die for us.  We cannot forget!

So where were you when you heard about 9-11?


  1. I was just sitting down to do my math for the day. My brother called home and told us. I was kinda too young to understand exactly what had happened...but I knew it wasnt good.

  2. We were driving on the highway to Indiana to see our we found out about it on the radio. And then when we got to our cousins house we watched it on TV. I was only 5, but I still remember how I was absolutely terrified! I had nightmares for days after that. :-/

  3. I was in the furniture store in Warroad.They had a TV on, so got to see it. I was just shocked, dumbfounded, its seemed unreal. Certainly a turning point in history. Sad that only for a time we became "religious" again.

  4. I was homeschooling my two kids. I remember later that afternoon I realized what this could possibly mean to my son if our nation were to have need of soldiers. He was sitting in the living room doing his schoolwork and my mother's heart was shaken. My husband is a pastor and was called to the local factory to pray with the workers. We had new people at church even on a Wednesday evening for about two weeks, but sadly, the seeking of God didn't last.

  5. I walked into the porch and my family was already watching it on TV. Uncle Ron and Aunt Ellen had just spent the night with us on one of their knife selling trips, so they stayed watched it with us.

  6. I was cleaning up the kitchen when Fred called to tell me to turn the radio on. since his step mother was a pilot (hard to explain) we were really concerned about her but she was elsewhere. That was our school for the day.
    those kinds of events sure have a way of shaking us up and realizing that without God to care for us there would be total chaos. Glad our hope in in the Lord.
    Your posts are always such an encouragement.
    Ju Nell

  7. I was getting ready to visit the kids at school for parent day(before we started homeschooling).
    Bob called from work and told me to turn on the tv. I turned it on just as the second tower collapsed.
    I remember feeling like I needed to hurry and get over to the school to be sure the kids were alright. (we lived in eastern PA at the time)


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