Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today when Miriam was walking through the woods she decided the ruffled grouse looked awful tasty!  Good shot, Miriam!

Isaac is home for the weekend after doing a week of 12 hour days in the field.  Silas also spent the day, and most all the week, in the fields as well.  Thanks, guys, for your hard work! 

Have a great day tomorrow worshipping the Lord! 


  1. Sadly, all our native ruffled grouse are just about gone here in PA. :(
    We are still trying to leave messages on the Jeffery's blog but can't...won't let us. But at any rate would you tell them we said HI! and so enjoyed having Nate and Josh. Thanks a bunch!
    Susan Cook

  2. We are anxiously awaiting your next post and hoping for some pictures of that precious baby. We know you all are probably just to busy holding her to take time out and we really understand :> jep


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