Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trip to Lincoln

The teens in our church went to a youth conference in Lincoln, IL.  Of course when you go that far, you might as well visit the P. family's corn maze!  Very nice Silas and Priscilla  said!  They loved the concession stand and the large pens for the animals (from a maze operation point of view!).

The van they took on the way down had some trouble so they spent a good part of one day sitting around at the car mechanic's place.  Looks like Silas saved the day with his chess set.  He doesn't leave home without it!  Well, almost never! I don't have any pictures that were really good of the actual conference but they said the speakers were very good and challenging. 

Arthur and Silas took one day last week to do a little hunting with Evangelist RC and his son.  Didn't get anything but had a good time and good fellowship. 

Another trip picture of the girls waiting around.

  Someone asked what silage was.  Good question.  Silage is basically really chopped up corn, stalks, leaves, cobs, and all like in the picture.  They put it in a large pile, or some people put it in a silo or silage bags.  We cover ours with a large piece of plastic and tons of old tires.  Anyway, it "rots" down and ferments and the cows absolutely love it.  It does pick up an unusual smell but it has lots of good nutrients in it.

Well, the 2010 maze season is over! While we enjoy it very much, it is also a relief to be done!  It takes a lot of time and now we need to get some other things done before winter.  God was so good in giving us nice weather, no one got hurt, we doubled our attendance, and even made a little to live on! 
Now we have the work of cleaning up the maze.  One of the first things we did was to move the animals and with the pigs we decided to do an experiment.  That is, we tested to see if they would race for the milk bottle, which they love.  Anyway, they were so awed at being let out of their pen they just wanted to check out the new dirt!  Amos led them right into the cattle trailer and did they ever squeal when we dropped them off the J. family's barn. 

So, that's about it.  We're just going to keep on enjoying the great weather God is sending our way.  Have a great evening serving Him.


  1. we were soooooo gald to see you Silas and Priscilla! Hope to see you all soon!

    Peck Family


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