Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bible Bee 2010

We had a wonderful time going to the National Bible Bee this last week! 

Backing up... On the way to the Bible Bee we saw these guys doing something, not sure what it's called, on boards being moved by parachutes.  Sometimes they would actually fly the guys through the air!  Anyway, it was fun to watch and there were about 15 of them.

We stopped at the ABS bull barn in Wisconsin.  Wow!  Are some of these guys ever huge!!  Taller than Arthur!  He loved it even though you couldn't get really close to the bulls because of security.  They have trained dogs to help herd them and to move the bulls around if they get too agressive to a worker. 

The Bible Bee started out with having each contestant walk up and get a medal.  These are some of the ones in the senior group of which there were 100.  It was exciting and they had four large screens to help you see better.

It was fun because we knew some of the contestants and their families from last year.  We also had some friends and relatives come to the Bible Bee so that was fun too.

Yeah!  The written test is done!  They have a 200 question test, to be done in one hour, on the book of Colossians.  Hosanna thought she did pretty good.  Then came the oral test where you were quizzed on 30 passages in 10 minutes.  She did really good on this too but still wasn't one of the top 15 finalists.  We're proud of Hosanna though just for getting to the Nationals and look forward to seeing how God will use the scriptures she's learned in her life.

Hosanna and Priscilla with Bethany, one of Priscilla's friends from Alaska.  Yes, her family is the one that was at our house not long ago and it sure made the trip lots of fun for Priscilla!

One of the speakers was Bill Gothard from the Institute in Basic Life Principles. 

We had a "picnic lunch" which was the fanciest picnic we've ever been to!  They also had a elegant closing banquet.

Michael Farris of HSLDA was the Master of Ceremonies for the whole Bible Bee. 

Seeing as we were so close, we headed down to see Rebekah's family and the P. family.  Lots of good fellowship with friends.

The whole trip was really good, even the pretty snow we were greeted with in most of Minnesota!  Thank you for everyone that prayed.  It was sure an encouraging trip and Hosanna is looking forward to entering the Bible Bee one last time next year. I also missed posting Isaac's birthday, so Happy Birthday, Isaac!  We love you and look forward to the exciting things God is going to do in your life in the coming year!


  1. Yeah! Exciting!
    Happy birthday, Isaac!

  2. Great work Hosanna!!!! I wish I could have been there too....oh, and I think it's called para-boarding.

  3. Ahh! Good going Hosanna! Nice getting to see you at the Peck's! It was fun!


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