Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

We typically take a picture of the girls Christmas Eve before our church program.  Aren't they lovely?!

Christmas morning we opened gifts over here at our house.  Sure missed you, Naomi and Aaron and Essie!

The program was really nice and it was fun seeing Silas, Caleb, and Ronnie being wise men.

Hosanna and Rebekah each got a piano/flute duet book.

Grandma K. reading books to a few of the younger kids.

Grandpa K. showed old slides from years past when Arthur was a boy. 

At the O. family get-to-gether we enjoyed seeing cousins and my sister and her husband that we don't see very often.

Daniel loved his new hat!

The O. cousins and dads went to Bemis Hill while my sisters and mom took me out for my birthday.  Long hill isn't it, Hosanna?

Down another hill.

Matt, Ryan and Natalie at the top of the hill.  They did snowboarding while my kids stuck with the sleds.

Bemis Hill has a "lodge" with a large fireplace and picnic tables to warm up in.

Okay, it's hard to see, but one guy hides under the snowboard on a hill while the other guys skateboards over him.  Fun to watch but I wouldnt want to be the bottom guy.

The O. cousins enjoyed playing games and hide 'n'seek in the dark at a church nearby.

Arthur enjoyed a visit with my cousin Ward who was Arthur's neighbor growing up and one of his friends.

At my brother-in-laws funeral we got a nice picture of Arthur's cousins that were there.  Some he hadn't seen in a long, long time.  Anyway, that's a brief summery of our Christmas.

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