Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's Our 25th Anniversary! 1-1-11

Today is our 25th anniversary!  Wow!  Are we really that old?  We do look young on our wedding day!  I am so thankful God has blessed us with 25 years and so thankful for a husband that loves God, loves me, and loves our children, something getting rare these days.

We went to south Texas for our honeymoon for about six weeks and helped out at a couple different ministries.

This is me and my dad.  I didn't know it but he wasn't feeling well, which is why he is paler than normal :), and had a heart attack the next day.  

We served white wedding cake with a special cake topper that both of my sisters and I used changing the ribbon color.  We also had sandwiches, and tons of the Christmas cookies and candy my mom made.
Arthur and his groomsmen.  Two of the groomsmen were married friends and the other Arthur's friend and my cousin.  Arthur's best man, a tease, gave Arthur a pop top instead of a ring during the ceremony along with the right ring.  I don't know if anyone saw it but we sure got a "chuck"le out of it. Yes, Arthur looks young because we were young!  He was 20 years old by a couple of months and I was 20 by a few days.

The whole wedding party.  My have styles changed!  It was a "thrifty" wedding but since we both grew up in the same church is was quite special.

So what do we do on our anniversary?  Well, being New Years Day, absolutely nothing is open so we generally stay home and enjoy a day of nothing.  Yes, it's a treat to have Arthur home without feeling like he needs to work all day.  This year we have a trip planned for later in January. 

Marriage advice?  Yes, we do have some.  1st - Never go to bed angry!  2nd - Put God first in everything you do!  3rd - Put the others needs over your own!  

I'm sure there's more advice but I never really thought about it till just now!


  1. Congrats...God has blessed you. Keep on being a great example. Hope you enjoy the day.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful day:)
    Abby C.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like you all have had a lot of snow!
    May you both enjoy another 25+ yrs. with each other!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you are having a great day! May the Lord continue to bless you!

    From the Garlick's

  5. So sweet! Yu are still beautiful, but wow were you both young! What a blessing to see how God has blessed you.

    Thanks for the marriage tips too.

    I'll second the prayer for at least 50 more should the Lord tarry.

  6. Happy (belated) anniversary to you both! I enjoyed looking at your pictures very much... Just seeing the happiness and love in your faces then, and to know that you're still in love now, is enough to make anyone smile. :)

    May God bless you richly in this new year,
    ~Cora B.

  7. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love and appreciate you both! May God continue to bless you throughout the coming years. We hope that you get at least 50 more as well! :)

  8. Happy (late) anniversary! I like the changes you've made to your blogs appearance. Is the background your own picture?

  9. Thank you everyone for the nice comments! No, Jonathan, I used one of their background choices. We still have a few more changes coming when we have time! Yes, we have had a lot of snow!

  10. Happy Anniversary and congratulations! January 1st is birthday day at our house--my daughter and our newest granddaughter!

  11. Hello, Mrs. K.
    I don't know if you got the message we left you on our blog, but I just realized that the email address was incorrect. The correct address is (

  12. Congratulations! God sure has blessed your vows!


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