Saturday, January 8, 2011

Barn Cleaner / Snow / New Years

The last week of December, over New Years, the K. cousins went to Bemis Hill to go sledding.  Looks like a nice line up.

The cousins also went bowling.  Hannah always takes such nice pictures.

Blacklight bowling.

Dad K. holding his great grandaughter, Kaleigh.  She has such cute blue eyes.

Meanwhile, the guys have been shovelling the roofs of a neighbors barn, sheds, and house.  If you have lots of trees around your buildings so the wind doesn't blow, the snow sure builds up, and we've all seen sheds that have caved in from snow so some people like to get the stuff off before it's too late.  (I think that was a run on sentence!)

The barn cleaner also broke down.  Not good.  Means lots of cleaning by shovel and muscles till we figure out if we should buy the pricey part we need, have the nearby factory make us one, or find a used one sitting in someone's barn.  We use a Patz left turn barn cleaner if anyone knows of one sitting around not being used.

So, the guys are busy while the girls and I get the house back to normal after Christmas and start winter projects.   School has resumed and I think everyone is enjoying routine again.

Next week Arthur and I are going on a 25th anniversary trip.  I'm really excited!  At least I was till Friday afternoon when I got a letter saying I needed to do jury duty next week.  I couldn't believe it.  I called and the secretary said our trip was not a good reason to get out of jury duty but I could write a letter to the judge if I felt like it.  That was depressing but I wrote a nice, humbling,  appeal letter to the judge and she let me off jury duty.  I was so thankful.  That night when I was about to do some praying I thought about how much God is like our judge and how humbled we should be to ask things of Him.  I was quite scared to write the judge a letter after hearing the secretary.  Likewise, we should have a fear of God, in a sense, when coming before Him.  We also should show our gratefullness for all He does for us.  How wonderful to know that the God of the universe cares about us and hears our prayers and takes time to answer them!  How great to know that as Judge, God will pardon us from our sin when we put our faith in Jesus!


  1. What a great post..especially the last part about the judge. Love your new look too.

  2. Wow! That's great that the judge let you have the week off! My guess is that the judge thought it is great that you have been married for 25 years and I am sure your letter was very respectful. Have a great trip!


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