Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The "Little People" and Hard Questions

We've been watching Daniel and David while Amos helps with evening milking while Rebekah recouperates.  Daniel especially just loves "horsey" rides and blanket rides from Grandpa.

Aaron and Naomi were by one day and we enjoyed seeing how Aaron and Naomi treasure this little sweetheart. 
Daniel of course treasures David and gives him big hugs.  Isaac mentioned how he saw Daniel was dragging a chair to the kitchen sink and David was on the floor in the way.  He didn't want to push him over, this time anyway, so he dragged him out of the way by his head!  Brotherly love alright!  We've sure been entertained with these little guys and Esther.

And a neat picture Silas took of the moon.

Otherwise, Arthur's been busy getting rid of some old equipment by cutting it up to sell for scrap metal.  A hard job but nice to get rid of some things.  He made a call yesterday to another corn maze operator and if there's anything that creates instant fellowship other than both being christians, it's two farmers!  It always amazes me how two farmers can talk and talk without having ever met!  About cattle, tractors, and mazes of course!  I guess two homeschool mothers probably could do the same thing about school!

We've been watching the "Demolishing Strongholds" videos in the evenings.  Very interesting and have provoked lots of fun discussion as a family.  I think of all the things we do as a family now that the kids are older, there is nothing I enjoy more than our evenings together after the work is all done and we can just visit and fellowship with each other.  Inevitably, conversation turns to "what should Isaac be doing?", "do we really have to have a maze this fall?" (that coming from Miriam who is not a social type person), "what else needs to be done on the farm?",  and, "is there anything else we should be doing to serve God?"

Lately we've been doing lots of talking about what we should do to serve God.  If we knew we only had two years before the Lord returns, what would we do?  If we have many years to serve, then what should we do?  How is the best way to reach lots of people for Christ?  Is it better to get lots saved or to disciple one or two?  Knowing God's will is not always easy when you ask such hard questions.  Anyway, it leads to lots of discussions and desires to serve God in anyway that we can.  I hope and pray my children will all be, "I'll do it!" kind of people and not be afraid to serve God in anyway they can.


  1. Great thought provoking post. We just stepped out in faith and resigned our pastorate of 18 years because we believed God was leading in a new direction. We aren't sure yet exactly what that is or how He will lead us to replace our income, but are praising Him that He has already supplied three preaching dates at various churches. We too have been discussing things like reaching more people for Christ. PS: Great crocheted piano scarf! My eyes went immediately to that--understandalbe since I'm a needleworker!

  2. Enjoyed your post- loved seeing the pictures of Daniel and David! You thought provoking questions are wonderful!!! It is wonderful to see others wanting to do more for Christ. We don't know when Christ is coming back- but we have resolved to do even more this year to share the Gospel and train others to witness and disciple. What a privilege it is to serve our Lord together! If anyone ever wants a place to serve let us know even if it is just on a short term basis! We always enjoy having you all minister with us!!!

  3. I think you would be amazed at what this simple Blog can and has done for those who read it! It's a simple way to reach people, but the Lord needs simple things at times and complex things too, different people need different testimonies.

    After reading this I thought of those Amish who open their home for those who want to come and stay a week and live among them for the experience. It isn't free, but I jknow people who have paid to "vacation" like that . . .I know I would save up for my family to come and stay on your farm, work a week, do what you do and fellowship and pray with you. Just a thought.


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