Thursday, February 3, 2011

This and That

 Miriam reminded me today that I really needed post something.  I told her things haven't been blogworthy but we'll do our best!  Silas took the boys out for a pull in the sled.  Daniel enjoyed it and Davy looked like he could fall asleep!
We took a new sidebar photo of Amos, Rebekah and the boys but thought you'd like to see it close up.  What a fun bunch!

Arthur's been gone this week so it's seemed kinda long but he should be home tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Isaac is in charge of a Bible Memory program at our church.  I told him I really couldn't memorize.  I work so hard on learning a verse only to have to do the same thing all over again the next day, and the next.  Yes, he got me to sign up.  It led us in a discussion about doing our best.  Sometimes we say we can't do something, like talk in front of people, or memorize, but if someone offered us $10,000.00 we would all of a sudden find a way to do whatever it was.  Sometimes our "can't" is our "won't".

I reminded the kids that whatever they do they should give it a 110%.  What's that?  Well, what most of us think is 100% really isn't.  It all started when one of the guys came in and said they couldn't move another muscle it had been such a hard, long day.  After talking about it, we decided that if we were in a concentration camp, with very little food, very little sleep, and likely no shoes, we'd find out we can work harder.  So, the lesson is, to give God our very best whatever it is He calls us to do.  Whether it's housecleaning, memorizing, cleaning barn, singing, playing hockey, whatever.  How can we give God less than 110% when He gave his very Son for us.

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do,
do it with thy might;.."
Ecclesiastes 9:10


  1. So glad you post even the little things in your life. We miss you and it makes us feel like we have been up for a visit when we get to read your blog. I haven't checked but we are probably very behind posting on our blogs. So glad to hear about Isaac's memory program - we sure could use that kind of encouragement ourselves. Would love to learn more about it. Silas it is hard to believe you weren't cold in your short sleeves - so much fun for the boys. God's blessings and lots of love, jep

  2. You guys need to take a new pic of Naomi & Aaron!! :)

  3. Silas, cold? When it's only 0 degrees out? He does have a sore throat! Yes, Rachel, we do need a new picture of Naomi and Aaron and Esther if we can get them to sit still long enough! They are one busy couple!

  4. Hey whats so bad about t-shirts? I went out in a t-shirt AND barefoot when it was -4 and -20 with wind-chill.

  5. I was wondering what why we hadn't seen a post lately. Glad you're back!

  6. I've been meaning to send you a new picture...

  7. Thanks for the post! That is so fun to see the boys. Davy poking Jeriah's nose. Never a dull moment with them!! We sure miss all of you!
    Love you all! Shelly


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