Monday, February 21, 2011

Cleaning Barn

The barn cleaner repairs still aren't finished.  Arthur's been working on welding about 100+ paddles that have worn thin to make them last a few more years.  So, it takes time, and it's being done in spare time so it might take awhile.  Meanwhile Isaac, and his younger cousins are doing about 30 - 40 loads a day with the wheelborrow.  That's a lot of "stuff" to clean up!  Meanwhile, the manure mountain is growing by the day and will be a "mountain" of work in the spring to haul away.

Arthur's dad is going through the "Financial Freedom" seminar with a bunch of the guys from church Saturday mornings.  If you haven't seen this seminar, it's very good and is put out by the IBLP.  Lots of great Biblical principles regarding finances.  Isaac volunteered to make the snacks so he made a bunch of blueberry muffins.  It was so funny because Miriam and Hosanna were coaching him and saying things like, "we don't follow the recipe for muffins, just to check the ingredients", "oh, you don't need to put that in",  "add a little more of that", "substitute this for that", and so on.  He wondered how we ever had edible food!  His muffins did turn out very good, even though he left off the good cinnamon-sugar topping to make them more healthy. 

The flu has been going around.  It seems like there's two strains of it.  The "upchuck" kind of flu and a more respiratory type.  We've had both kinds in our house although not for as long as some people.  Poor Amos has been sick for quite a few days as has Daniel and David a little. 

Sunday evening's are usually our "family night" and so Amos, Rebekah and the kids, and Aaron, Naomi and Esther all come over.  Last night it was just Naomi and her family.  It doesn't get much sweeter than having all the children home and having little ones around to make us smile.  God is so good!


  1. Too bad I wasn't there to try your muffins Isaac. Thanks for building up Linda and I's mountain...lots of memories there you know :)))

  2. The photo of that wheelbarrow reminds me of cleaning the chicken coop--a chore I'm not currently missing since I have no birds right now! Sounds like lots of work. Yes, the grandchildren being home is a great thing! We are missing ours who are miles and miles away. Blessings!


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