Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Broken 706

Arthur here -
"Even the best of equipment sometimes has problems.  After roughly 45 years of use, the axel of our 706 IH fell into a rut from someone driving it a little too fast.  The 2nd law of thermodynamics works on everything.  After much labor from my dad, myself, and some helpers it is finally back together and working again.
When a person has a problem in life it can be taken care of too.  Taking problems and failures to the Lord is the best way to get help, forgiveness if needed, and have your life working the way it should."

After Arthur wrote that, I thought I would add another interesting thing he's been doing.  It's been really nice weather and the snow is melting some.  Well, when you get a big 1,000 pound, or more, black cow laying in the snow, sometimes it melts under them to the point they can't get back up and struggle till they die.  They get bogged down in a melted hole.  It's happend around here a few times in the past so Arthur's been really diligent at checking the cows a couple of times a day especially for this.  But not for long, colder weather is suppose to return in a couple of days.  That's okay though, at least we've had a reminder that spring will come sooner or later.  Even opened the windows for an hour or so to get fresh air in the house.  Took advantage of the nice weather and did some shopping in a nearby town.  I really enjoyed the closeout carts they had and got some great deals for very little. 

Well, have a great day enjoying the gorgeous weather God is blessing us with!

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  1. Interesting post. We've had better weather too--enjoying it!


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