Thursday, April 28, 2011

God's Creation

Isaac and Jonathan enjoyed their short trek out into God's seldom seen creation.  In fact, they met a road grader on their walk out of the bog, who asked if they were lost, and after hearing that they had actually camped out there, said he thought they were the first white men to ever see that area!  Yes, it's really remote!

They managed to pick up a few friends on the way back - beaver they trapped. 

Silas has been working for a guy washing his equipment.  Nice job when you love John Deere equipment like Silas does!  

Life's hard when you're just a little cowboy!  Looks like a little guy from the old prairie days.

Isaac, Hosanna and Priscilla went fishing today up town.  Sure a beautiful day!  And yes, that white stuff in the distance is still ice on the lake.
Whatcha looking for, Priscilla?  Actually, she was looking at loons.

Arthur and I headed to flood country today to do some "city" shopping.  Talk about water!!! Mile after mile of fields of water.   I wonder if they will even get in the fields this summer.  One field was full of pelicans, like hundreds and hundreds of them if not thousands!  A nearby road was completely white with them.  What a marvelous sight of God's creation!  Not sure the farmers would agree!  Saw quite a few farms dry behind their personal dikes, but with roads under water, they were using boats. 

God does care about the little things and delights in giving us the desires of our hearts.  A few days ago after cleaning up flower beds and our herb garden, I thought to myself, "I sure could use some new mulch.  Like maybe three bags of red and one or two brown." Never gave it much more thought because mulch up here is kinda pricey and we have more important things to spend our money on.  Well, today while at Menards, I spotted a bargin section out in the lumber yard.  There was a palllet shrinkwrapped with red and brown bags of mulch!  Seven bags to be exact, all for the wonderful price of $5.00!  Sometimes I need the reminder that God cares about even the little things!


  1. True blessings!
    I find it amazing that some things have to be earnestly prayed for and much faith applied, yet sometimes the Lord hears our simple desires and grants them without our "working" for it - Just because he loves us and wants us to find happiness in more ways than one.

  2. Dear Krahn family,

    I always really enjoy reading your posts! Your life is so interesting--too. :) I really like the little cowboy picture, and the beaver picture, and the story about the mulch...... The Lord hears and answers prayer, (yes, even when that answer is "No" or "Wait", he answers! What joy it is when the answer is an immediate "Yes" though.)

    I wanted to write now especially to invite your family to Prairie Days at our friends, the Dagleys' place this year. (I'm part of the inviting/recruiting committee. :) ) On June 17th (a Friday) they're holding a 1 day Appleseed Shoot Event before the official Prairie Days begins on the 18th-19th. I know your fellas (and perhaps your girls too) would love the Appleseed Shoot, and that you'd all enjoy Prairie Days as well... If there was any way that you could come, (I know it would be a long drive for you, and that you have cows to milk....) would any of you be interested in sharing a skill with the group sometime on Saturday? I don't believe anyone's ever done anything on trapping before--especially not skunks!, so that would be great, and if the young ladies in your home would like to share something from the kitchen (maybe cake decorating or tortilla making?) that would be great too, and you could advertise about your corn maze, and..... OR, you could just come and relax and enjoy watching and participating in the other demonstrations. :) It would be so neat to finally meet some/all of your family!

    Something else to ponder is that my family may also be hosting a 2 day Appleseed Event at our farm this Summer if we have enough people interested in attending... If any of you would like to come, would there be a certain time of the year that would work better than another time? I believe when we had our last shoot, you were just getting going with your corn maze and couldn't get away? Summer gets so busy, I know, especially when you live on a farm!

    Well, even if we never meet you, I just want you to know that I love your blog and enjoy your family--- long distance. :)


  3. When I saw your post about Isaac, I thought of this verse Matthew 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Keep on tracking with the Lord down the narrow way where few experience the great blessings that the Lord has in store for you all. God bless you one and all, and say hi for us.

    Love ya,

    Uncle Victor, Aunt Shelly, Nathan and Joanna


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