Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Last Few Days

Sorry these pictures aren't the best.  For some reason my camera pictures have been a little blurry.  Anyway, I thought the markings on this new dairy calf interesting.  We've been having so many calves which is keeping Arthur and Isaac very busy.  It's a hard job because so many of the mothers like to hide their calves in the woods or get mad when you try to eartag their calves.  With all the very late night checks and very early morning checks for new calves, the guys are getting quite tired.  Well, I'm not sure if Isaac is tired today or not - he should be since he and Jonathan J. are camping out in the bog (think "fens" for you GA Henty fans) for a few nights for a break.  Doesn't sound like fun or a break to me! And I hope Isaac's leg can handle it!

We spent Easter at my parents this year.  (These pictures are out of order) Daniel thought Grandpa's birdfeeders were so interesting.
Isaac snuck out fishing one day with some cousins and got himself a nice 41" northern off the dock in town.  We gave one fillet away and still had a good meal.  It's the longest fish Isaac's ever gotten so he was quite happy.

Ester was so delighted with Grandma's doll.  She even gave it kisses.

And my mom delights in her great grandchildren.

Silas entertained the boys by giving them wheelborrow rides.  Not sure about Davy but Daniel sure loved it.

The guys found time yesterday to butcher a cow.  Jeshua was the meat grinder.  Thanks, Jeshua!

Aaron also came out to help out.  Thanks, Aaron!  So, things have been busy around here.  I'm working on getting a new library table out for this coming Sunday.  Hosanna is busy perfecting her birthday present.  Well show pictures of that someday.  Miriam is finally enjoying having a dry trail to walk on in the woods.  Also took some time to clean up flower beds and the herb garden.  Priscilla and Silas are trying hard to finish up school.   I'm so glad for busy times.  I can't stand being bored without lots of things on my to-do list.  Have a great day in the Lord!

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  1. Sounds like you're as busy as me--though I've been too busy to post a blog! Spring is that way!


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