Thursday, April 7, 2011

Isaac's Bad News

Last night at chore time, Amos calmly came in the house and said, "Mom, Isaac got hurt." I asked questions and went out to see Isaac who was lying on the ground by the barn.  He had been getting ready to spread manure with the manure spreader, was standing on the edge of the spreader and slipped, his leg going between the tire and spreader and his body going the other way.  He said he heard a few cracks and we figure he must've broken his leg in a couple of places.  Arthur wasn't around so, overlycautious, protective mother that I am, I called the ambulance.  If it was broken bad I didn't want to move it.  Well, after a couple of xrays, they decided he did not break it, but most likely heard tendons popping.  He needs to go  in next week and have them do a more thorough check.  So, he just needs to rest it.  He said it feels kinda like a cow kicked him in the knee.  Right away he prayed that God would help him use his time wisely, followed by a thought about how he was going to do his trapping! 
The poor ambulance and hospital!   When he fell, this is what he fell in!  A nice, ooey, gooey, manure puddle!  He though he was going to faint so he quickly got to the barn on one foot to tell Amos and layed down on the ground so he had all kinds of straw stuck to the mess he fell in. 

Look!  Green grass, at least a little bit of it.  There's still some snow piles here and there in the yard.  Well, if you think of it, please pray that the damage won't be too bad on Isaac's leg.


  1. Oh poor guy!! :( That sounds really painful!! We'll be praying for his quick healing!

  2. Hope he wasn't proud about his good news. You know what goeth before a fall. :-) Just kidding. Really very sorry about his leg. I would have called an ambulance too.
    Glad it's not broken.

  3. Ouch!! Prayin for some quick healing!

  4. We are praying for you Isaac!! Good time to reflect on the Lord! Maybe you can help your mom organize some VBS stuff or something. : )

  5. Our heart is heavy for you Isaac. I know it is really hard for you to be still and think about all you wish you could be up and doing. I can't imagine the level of your pain. The LORD keeps bringing you to my mind so I am in much prayer for you. Isn't it a comfort that the LORD can and will work even this for good. God's Blessings! jep

  6. Praying for Isaac... That must have hurt so bad! How's he getting along now? You must all be so happy for him to have his own place to build on now! I can hardly wait for the day when my brothers buy their own places and start their own families, if that's God's plan for their lives, of course. :)

    We too are enjoying seeing the green grass and watching the little calves run around in the drying off pasture! Hooray for sunshine!


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